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Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge Portraits
Melissa Etheridge Portraits
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Despite the egocentric stereotypes often focused upon in Hollywood, true authenticity really does exist.

In this business, you never really know what you’re gonna get when you meet people. Sometimes some of the actors, actresses, and musicians that you admire and adore are not at all like their beloved characters you see on screen or on stage. On the other hand, sometimes the ones playing the most notoriously evil characters are of the kindest folks you’d encounter. However, despite the egocentric stereotypes often focused upon in Hollywood, true authenticity really does exist. Not only that, it shines. I cannot tell you what a privilege it is for me to be able to highlight the extraordinary individuals that have reached a genuine level of luminescence, and it’s a privilege I don’t take lightly.

15 years ago, I had the honor of meeting Melissa Etheridge. Honestly, I was incredibly nervous. I remember growing up listening to her music, thinking she’s truly one of the most passionate and powerful vocalists I’d ever heard. I tried with all my heart to sing “Come to my Window” with an equaled zeal, yet despite all my best efforts, it was to no avail. She’s an original; unrivaled and as real as it gets. I mean, if you want to get an idea of what a true musical legend looks like, try this on for size…

Thus far, she has created/achieved: 17 albums, one of which reached 6 times platinum, 15 Grammy nominations with 2 wins, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, dozens of prestigious awards and accolades across the board, a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and the proud recipient of the Stephen F. Kolzak Award for the 17th GLAAD Media Awards. I mean, this is what Modern Day Icons are made of. But friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Queen of Rock.

She’s a woman who wants to see this world be healed of it’s separatism and prejudice, especially among the LGBT+ community

Melissa Etheridge

She’s a woman with so much love for people, it seems her heart shouldn’t even fit within her petite frame. She’s a woman who wants to see this world be healed of it’s separatism and prejudice, especially among the LGBT+ community, of which she stands as an ambassador of. She’s a woman who believes honesty, compassion, integrity, and the strength and conviction of one’s words, whether melodic or spoken, are of the utmost importance. Melissa proudly carries the weight of her immeasurable influence upon her shoulders as she paves the way for the rest of us to find what we are most passionate about and dive into headfirst, simply while leading by example.

Nathan and I were fortunate to spend some quality time with Melissa and came to find her to be one of the most humble, sincere, and inspiring women we’ve ever met. Even as much that after all the years passed without having connected due to busy families and booked schedules, I could still ask for a little of her time to share her journey with all of us, and she didn’t even pause to hesitate. We hopped on the phone like not a day had passed and I, once again, marveled at the grace and the ease in which she bestowed her heart and her wisdom. I’m grateful for her work, both personally and artistically as she strives to see the world become better, stronger, and brighter.

I challenged Melissa that if she could successfully answer all 10 questions within the 10 minute time frame of our interview, Create Change would donate $1,000 USD to the charity of her choice. Although we went over the time limit (mostly because she’s just so fascinating and easy to talk to) we’ve of course decided to honor the donation regardless. She emphatically chose Libby’s Legacy, an incredible organization that offers comprehensive breast health care to lower income communities in Central Florida. Through education, mammograms, follow up care, and Hope Coaches, these women are lovingly supported all along the journey of early detection of breast cancer, diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. But Libby’s Legacy doesn’t just stop there. Much like the amazing Make a Wish foundation, they also grant extravagant wishes for the warrior women that are bravely battling stage IV breast cancer in an effort to create new, treasured memories with their loved ones.

Melissa Etheridge and her wife Linda Wallem Etheridge chose to come to Orlando specifically to be of service to Libby’s…

Posted by Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation on Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation

Please visit libbyslegacy.org to learn more about the outstanding work they are doing, the lives they are changing, and the ways that you, too, can make a difference in the lives of thousands of women fighting for their health and well-being.

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I can’t wait for you to listen in on my conversation with the fabulous, the unstoppable, the incomparable Melissa Etheridge.

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