About Us

Mission Statement

Create Change is a community of good-hearted misfits trying to live our truth day-by-day. Our mission is to provide a safe space to share our stories and creativity. In addition, we support each other during our own personal journeys of change.

Your story matters.

Discovery Statement

It’s completely unavoidable; it surrounds you, inside of you, and stays with you your entire life—it defines you. Change. Here at ‘Create Change’ we are a global community dedicated to discussing and exploring ‘change’—how it moves our world, how it affects us as individuals, how we deal with it; how we flow with it and grow with it—perhaps most importantly how we start it. Sometimes we view change through a lens of positivity, seeing humanity’s creative potential and its capacity for infinite love and altruism. Sometimes we view change through a prism, seeing current social issues through the different perspectives and voices of survivors and the under-represented. Instead of impulsively reacting to the latest trending hashtag, sometimes we slow down, viewing change through a microscope or telescope or third-eye—to be more reflective, more introspective, seeing the bigger picture—spending more time to gain a deeper understanding of how change better connects us to each other and the cosmos. Create Change is a journey of discovery. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we are dedicated to being courageous and creative as we discover CHANGE together.


Angelo Lagdameo aka 'Ang'

Co-Founder &
Chief Brand Officer

First-gen Filipino-American immigrant grew up in Washington, D.C., studied graphic design in Baltimore (MICA) and currently resides in Nowhere, Indiana. In his 15+ years as a designer and art director, he uses his talents to empower brands that contribute positively to the communities in which we live.

As CBO of Create Change, he oversees all of our branding, marketing, promotion efforts, and overall strategic vision. He leads the creative development of our website, campaigns, store/merch, social media, and new media endeavors into live streams, podcasts, short-videos & events. He loves to share his love of reading with our community by moderating the #AngBookClub.

Nathan West aka ‘East of Eli’


Nathan West is a Co-founder of Create Change. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business, he has devoted his artistry and influence to raise awareness for a multitude of causes on both a local and global scale.

His vision for Create Change focuses on producing dynamic, relevant and compelling content, that aims to encourage and inspire each individual member of our community to aspire to live to their fullest potential. He believes wholeheartedly & without a doubt that the ultimate success of our vision and mission is rooted in our collective, future-forward vision to personally encourage you community members to live everyday with a purpose and passion for tangible and authentic change.

Chyler Leigh aka ‘Theme Queen’

Co-Founder &
Chief Creative Officer

Chyler Leigh is the CCO and Brand Ambassador of Create Change. Coming from an extensive background in the entertainment business and being a well established and successful actress with over 24 years of experience, she brings a wealth of experience and key industry relationships, giving Create Change a unique, cutting edge perspective to maximize all of our company’s endeavors.

On behalf of Create Change, she’s focused on [re]presenting CC’s values, creative direction, and brand narrative through our social media initiatives, CC community campaigns, and writing exclusive articles to highlight our mission & vision. #ThemeQueen

Deb Roth aka 'The Chief'

Chief of Partnerships

Debbie Roth aka “The Chief”, first and foremost, a devoted mother and loving grandmother. Her focus has always been to help others discover their passions and achieve their dreams. She has many years of corporate experience and has also been honored to work with many charitable organizations during her career. She’s not only a leader, but a student of life. She believes that by sharing the unique gifts and talents we each possess, we’re capable of great things, together. As Chief Of Partnerships, She’s responsible for building and maintaining relationships between Create Change and all non-profit/corporate partners. Furthermore, she assists with project development, financial planning & pre/post management of all shared campaigns, co-ventures and live events to ensure optimal success.

Cindy Woodford

Chief Community Engagement Officer

Cindy Woodford is our Chief Community Engagement Officer. She has a vast business background, and she loves art of all kinds, including, music, drawing, writing and taking photographs. She believes in the power of community and that a group of like minded people working together can make a positive difference in the world. This is why she’s so passionate about Create Change. As the Community Engagement Officer, Cindy helps coordinate all community activities and works with members on their creative submissions. She is committed to making sure that everyone who contacts Create Change feels welcome, valued and respected.

Mr. Link

Mascot & Morale Officer

As our Create Change Morale Officer, Mr. Link is a cat of many words. He’s always engaging in meaningful conversation to bring inspiration and an outside the (litter) box perspective. And/or he’s begging for food... sometimes it’s hard to tell. Nevertheless, he provides a sense of wonder and adventure, even from behind a screened-in window. But Link doesn’t see that as a hindrance, rather healthy boundaries. Although he might be accompanied, once this mini explorer steps out that door, his inner lion runs wild and motivates us humans to find that same inner freedom in our own lives.

How We Work

Create Change is structured as a limited liability company (LLC). While we donate to and support several 501(c)(3) organizations, for ourselves, we believe the best way to truly create everlasting positive change in the world is to position ourselves as a “for profit” company. This approach to growth allows us to be self sustainable and, more importantly, a part of the solution to the challenges and problems we face as a global community by being able to focus our energy on finding creative solutions, raising awareness, supporting and also donating a portion of our proceeds to the causes that matter most to our community.

Although at this time our operating costs are not tax-deductible, we encourage our members to find out more about and get involved with the cause(s) that are most important to them. We will help in this endeavor by providing information about our charitable partners along with an opportunity for members to directly donate to the cause(s) of their choice through embedded links on our partnership page that allows the user to connect directly to the charity website of their choice.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that Create Change receives no monetary gain from these donations. Any and all transactions are between the user and that organization. Our intention has and always will be to remain in a supportive position, to see real change in the world through the organizations we decide to partner with on behalf of our community and that we believe are making a positive difference in the world.

Charities We Support

Through membership contributions, Create Change live events and East of Eli tours to date, Create Change is proud to highlight our continued commitment and support of the following Organizations/Charities through auctions, donations, fundraiser events, our website and social media campaigns. Our goal is to continue to expand support and raise awareness on behalf of each of our partners and the incredible work they do. All of these organizations have been instrumental in creating positive change on a daily basis worldwide. Along with the charitable giving of our community members, Create Change is honored to not only garner immense support of these causes, but also provide over $90,000 in donations to help sustain their efforts.

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