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A New Beginning

Mind Over Matter. Thinking Outside the Box. What fascinating concepts. But are they just that? Concepts? Or actual, tangible things to be accomplished? Can a creative mind conquer doubt, fear, and stagnancy; bringing life, hope, and pride? And yet, is creativity only truly found in those who are deemed to be artists? ... read more.

Behind the Music – Bright Side

I was sitting on the couch after a very very long day when he sent the song, Bright Side. I didn’t even know he had finished it, let alone what was about to happen to me.... read more.
Chyler and Nathan in shadow silhouette

Imagine The Heart

Imagine there was a way that your heart could audibly have sound. Not through some technology, but the depths from where your voice is found ... read more.


Confession - I do a terrible job at focusing sometimes. I try to pay attention, I really do, but no joke, I could be a quarter way through a conversation and most likely have already forgotten what was said.... read more.
Reflection of Chyler looking in the mirror with same image on her mobile phone

Blooms Aren’t Just For Spring

Steady ground has been a bit fleeting the last several months. Life has been continuously shifting beneath my feet and I’ve found myself faced with new challenges around every corner. Some foreseen...... read more.
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