Citizen Creator

You don’t have to be a rock star, social influencer or A-list celebrity (if you are that’s cool too!) to make a positive difference in your local community or the world at large. Every day, everyday people just like you and me are rising above the confines of their own individual concerns, working toward the greater concerns of all humanity. We want to celebrate these people, and that’s why we’ve developed the Citizen Creator section.

If you have a story or experience that you’d like to share, either about yourself or someone you know who is living beyond self and making the world a better place, we would love to hear from you! Check out our submission and editorial guidelines to share your story.


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A photo of Carson with showing a tattoo with Ohana and Disney's Stitch


Monday, Jan 10th, 2022 - Family is blood, but family also extends to the people who will sit and cry with you in the worst moments and laugh alongside you on the best days.  Family is the people who are there for it all, and they love you unconditionally through life. Read More »

Japanese ZEN garden with stones in sand

Tumultuous to Calm

Sunday, Jan 9th, 2022 - As Chyler mentioned in her Modern Family campaign introduction, you can have tumultuous relationships within your blood family, but then find love via in-laws who manage to show what healthy relationships look like. Read More »

Blue, purple and lavender flowers laying over each other.

Finding Family

Thursday, Jan 6th, 2022 - My username on social media is regularly BHH03. Why? Because it’s three of my four initials and the year I met my wife, Gemma. I class that as the year I became the person I am today but if I look a little harder, I realise that it’s actually the first time I had someone truly see me and love each and every part of who I am. Read More »

A Modern Family is Born

Monday, Jan 3rd, 2022 - I would be friendly with people, but very few crossed the line into anything more than that, and the couple of people that did, had come along at times in my life when, in hindsight, I’d needed them and hadn’t known it. I like to think the Universe had sent them to me, telling me, or at least my subconscious, to let them in. Read More »

A Community Sisterhood

Sunday, Jan 2nd, 2022 - If you were to ask me how I would define a community this is what I would say: A group of people with similar goals, views and interests coming together as a collective. I joined Create Change to meet new people and to find people who related to my story. Read More »

It’s Okay To Be Sad

Thursday, Dec 23rd, 2021 - My chosen family means so much to me. They love me for me and are there to support me through anything. I found my chosen family only after I accepted who I was and left home. Read More »

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