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You don’t have to be a rock star, social influencer or A-list celebrity (if you are that’s cool too!) to make a positive difference in your local community or the world at large. Every day, everyday people just like you and me are rising above the confines of their own individual concerns, working toward the greater concerns of all humanity. We want to celebrate these people, and that’s why we’ve developed the Citizen Creator section.

If you have a story or experience that you’d like to share, either about yourself or someone you know who is living beyond self and making the world a better place, we would love to hear from you! Check out our submission and editorial guidelines to share your story.

An abstract lizard with a mosaic design

Neglecting Your Abstract Lizards

Saturday, Mar 6th, 2021 - Hobbies! Most of us have hobbies, whether we’re into music, art, gaming, or we’re avid readers, the majority of us have at least one activity that we enjoy and spend time pursuing, but there’s something relating to hobbies that has been bugging me for a long time. What happens when we’re not great at the hobby we enjoy? Read More »

Colorblindess Is Not the Solution

White Parents, All I Want From You Is What You Want From Me

Thursday, Feb 25th, 2021 - Most folks will tell me, “I treat everyone the same” or “I’m not racist.” While I believe that’s their true intention and self-perception, my experience as a White mom raising a Black son in America has proven to me over and over again that most well-meaning White folks do not notice the unconscious racism that affects the way they see Black children—and the way they try not to see them... Read More »

A Bee Pollinating a Flower

Intention Equals Ability

Wednesday, Mar 3rd, 2021 - When working on self improvement I like the idea of setting intentions rather than making resolutions, because intentions allow us to have aspirations without feeling like failures if we miss some self imposed deadlines along the way.  Read More »

Young woman watching TV

ReDiscovering Familiarity

Saturday, Feb 27th, 2021 - These next 40 days, I want to work on my overall self-care. For my mental health, physical health, emotional health, it’s something I know I need to work on, little by little, piece by piece. And for week 1, I want to go about this by Re: Discovering familiarity. Read More »

Beautiful Flower Blooming

Rediscovering Me!

Thursday, Feb 25th, 2021 - Whether good, bad, or indifferent, this past year encompassed a significant amount of change for all of us. For me personally, I’ve had my fair share of difficulties, but not all has been lost. Read More »

Water Droplets Showing Different Emotions

Discovering Me

Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021 - When I started this journey of intentions, I thought I was going to document my attempt to learn guitar. It’s always fascinated and confused me and I thought it would be a good challenge for myself that you all could potentially relate to and have fun with. Read More »

Winter Path with Snow-Covered Trees after Snowfall


Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2021 - At the beginning of the year, many people work hard on their New Year’s resolutions. This can be difficult for people like me whose brains don’t seem to be wired to work well with the notion of absolute resolutions. Read More »

Passion to Action

Thursday, Dec 17th, 2020 - This content is for paid subscribers only. Upgrade your subscription to unlock premium goodies and more.   Read More »