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Create Change Selected Works: Odes to Feelin Good

"Flawed? Sure. Fabulous? You better believe it!" -Chyler Leigh, CCO Create Change


Earlier this year we kicked off the Create Change #FeelinGoodFriyay campaign, in response to our CCO, Chyler Leigh’s, introduction of 2019 as The Sunrise Year. In recent months we’ve asked our community to submit photographs, original artwork and poetry saluting a variety of topics, including coastlines, rainbows, nature, flowers and our “then & now” theme showing how time changes things We’ve received many wonderful submissions from all around the world and we’ve loved them all, several of which we’ve posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The following are a few selections showing some very unique perspectives on our various themes.


By Harrison F. Carter

Through the thorns,
I spied a flower was growing.

In that thicket,
I spied a flower I loved.

I picked my way through,
To get to you.

I breathed your fragrance,
And borrowed a petal…

Then went on my way.

Then _ Now - English Version

Then & Now (English Version)
By Patricia N. P.

I used to be eager to grow,
At a time when I just wanted to run.
I used to know who I wanted to become,
That was before I got lost.

Later, I forgot, doubted and questioned myself,
Between high walls I shut myself,
And isolated in gloom I stayed.

Later, I accepted, unknown, introduce myself,
On white sheets, I drew sketches of who I thought I was.
I walked slowly,
I was not hungry for the world that was waiting for me anymore.

After finding a thousand and one different pieces,
I made a puzzle of my present,
And like art, somewhat misunderstood,
Now I understand that it does not matter what the destination I, but what is felt.

And some day, in some encounter,
I may recognize that young woman I once was,
Whose every sigh was a lament.
Maybe later smile, with sweet empathy,
Maybe later, after a long life,
I will understand that I was not one,
But many lives lived.

Then _ Now - Spanish Version

Antes y después (Spanish Version)
By Patricia N. P.

Antes tenia tantas ganas de crecer,
Antes cuando tan solo quería correr.
Antes sabia ​​saber quién quería ser.
Eso fue antes de que me perdiera.

Después, me olvidé, dudé y cuestioné,
Entre altos muros me encerré,
Y aislada, en penumbra, me quedé.

Después me acepté, desconocido, me presente
En hojas blancas, dibujé esbozos de quién creía era.
Revolucionada caminé despacio
Ya no tenía hambre por aquel mundo que me estaba esperando.

Después de encontrar mil y una piezas diferentes,
Arme un puzle de mi presente,
Y como el arte, un tanto incomprendido,
Ahora entiendo que no importa el destino, sino qué es sentido.

Y ya un día, en algún encuentro, reconozca a aquella joven que fui,
Y cuyo cada suspiro era un lamento.
Quizá después sonría, con dulce empatía,
Quizá después, tras una larga vida,
Entienda que no fui una,
Sino muchas vidas vividas.

Me & Sorina June 2007. (our first picture together)
Me & Sorina June 2007. (our first picture together)
Sorina & Me Christmas 2018
Sorina & Me Christmas 2018
We met in the Spring of 2007, by the summer we were inseparable and in love.
We were in our mid 20s and it seemed we had our whole lives ahead of us, Sorina has just gained a management position in her company and I was getting ready to start nursing school to train as a paediatric nurse. Life was great! By September we had our first place together, and first kitten, Snowflake (the first of many!), and in October Sorina accepted my marriage proposal!! We had so many more firsts, our first holiday, first Christmas, meeting the parents for the first time, and meeting my eldest nephew for the first time.Then….the first hint of illness, first trip to hospital, and the first time of many that Sorina had to sit by my hospital bed waiting for he to recover from surgery, tests and procedures.We had our civil partnership in July 2011 surrounded by our family and friends.

I was meant to graduate in 2012 and start my career as a paediatric emergency nurse. But my health declined suddenly and instead I had to leave the course just weeks before the end. She supported me through that.
My health continued it’s decline and Sorina’s support continued to grow.

Now Sorina has a wife who is wheelchair bound, can’t work, needs help to do the smallest task. Sorina works hard to earn enough for both, and returns home in the evening,not to rest and relax, but to look after and care for that girl first she met all those years ago.

This wasn’t the life we had planned, careers have been flung out the window, even the hope of children one day has almost gone. But it’s the life I have now, Sorina could of still had it all, I gave her a chance to leave when things got tough and my illness became too much, but instead she held on tighter and loved harder.

I asked her once, if she knew then what we knew now would she do it all again….her answer….yes, always. I’ll never know what I’ve done to deserve her, but despite my health I’m still the luckiest girl in the world!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Create Change or its affiliates.

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