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Do You Want To Continue?

While playing this game of life the quarantine and social distancing has been a serious glitch. My depression began to take over and I couldn’t stop it; I was certainly not leveling up. There were many times it felt like it should just be game over for 2020. However, the “do you want to continue,” choice was, and is, a definite “yes.”

I don’t need to wait till 2021 to Level Up; I have already begun the process. I faced a decision to take a year sabbatical from teaching or continuing on. This decision was based on how best to help protect myself from being at more risk as a Type 1 Diabetic amidst the pandemic. Taking the year off would have been the worst choice I could have made; the depression would have gained too much power over me. I leveled up by getting myself back into living life as safely as possible, using masks and distancing as much as I am able to.

I have learned that I am driven by having some sort of purpose, as I imagine most people are, given that we tend to thrive when we know we are needed and appreciated. As humans we are resilient, we can adapt, and we have the tools to survive and make it to the next level. I did this for myself by getting back into a routine and getting back to work. I was leveling up by continuing to move forward, even though I have much anxiety over catching the virus. Everyday that I can keep this momentum up is a small win towards battling my depression.

Keeping a positive outlook while leveling up is a challenge in itself. There is more to it than just showing up everyday, even though that is an important aspect. Something that I cannot lose sight of is making sure to take care of “me” throughout this timeframe. I can and will be working on leveling up with more SELF-ish Sundays and beyond. I have to be intentional about getting exercise and not just landing on the couch after work. I have to keep my weekends open for life outside of school and teaching, leaving the grading for when I can fit it in during the week. I need to lean on my friends when I need support and help, just as I put myself out there as support for them.

As the world keeps spinning, our game keeps playing. Getting to a point of leveling up takes work, but work well worth doing so that we push ourselves to feel better about who we are and what we do. It is not easy by any means, but it’s a challenge worth facing. For the past two months I have been working hard to reach a point of leveling up and feeling good. The positive change is noticeable, but there is plenty of work left to do.


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Buddha_aka_me She/Her
3 years ago

Another thoughtful and thought provoking article. As someone who is immunespressed, this pandemic has played havoc on my mental health for many of the reasons you outline. I’m fortunate though in a way, as I don’t work, and as I’m disabled I’d already gone through the grieving of slowly losing aspects of my life – and reorganising what I do to function. Even so, this year has been a hard adjustment for many of us facing the additional challenge of being vulnerable to the effects of the virus.
I’m so glad you’ve found a path through the challenge. Keep levelling up.

Brandy Hester
3 years ago

“As the world keeps spinning, our game keeps playing.” That line took my breath away. Your story here is absolutely inspiring, and cloaked in such wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

Brandy Hester
3 years ago
Reply to  Liz Oliveros

My therapist shared a quote with me that I think applies here perfectly. “When you share your stories from scars, and not open wounds, you see the wisdom that was creeping in the whole time.”

Shandy Marbles
3 years ago

This is such an important message and very well stated as well. I admire your perseverance and how self-reflective you are. Thank you for sharing!

Erin Ianna
3 years ago

“As humans we are resilient, we can adapt, and we have the tools to survive and make it to the next level.”


Great article Elizabeth. Keep moving forward, keep yourself feeling good.

Take care.

Dorin Cohen
3 years ago

Great artical Elizabeth!
your journey sure is inspiring . self care is a huge part of leveling up and I’m really happy that you are doing it .
we all have bad days (especially in COVID days) and it’s really ok to not be ok all the time , but as long as you continue ,you will rise 🙂
Thank you for sharing ,hoping to hear more of your inspiring journey ❤

Isabelle Rakhma
3 years ago

An amazing article that I loved to read. You have a point of view that we don’t see enough I think, healing through work and keeping yourself busy.
I admire you for having the strengh for doing it. You are the sentence “A step, no matter the direction, is still better than staying in the same place”. So congratulation to you and I hope that you keep getting better and keep levelling up. Maybe even going against the big boss.

Carson Stanton
3 years ago

I completely understand the need to stay busy in spite of the pandemic. I too have an overthinking mind, which is never kind to my depression. You’re right we just have to keep adapting to our world. Thank you for sharing your story.

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