What is Create Change?

Create Change is all about solutions-based media. We believe in generating innovative and compelling content that entertains by looking beyond the surface of the artists, celebrities and athletes that influence our daily lives to discover how they are using their talents, creativity and personal brands to create awareness for social good and partake in finding solutions that will make a positive impact on our world in a real and tangible way.

Are you a non-profit organization?


How can I get involved in Create Change?

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How can my brand partner with you?

Please contact us for all brand/partner inquiries.

How do I advertise on Create Change?

Please contact us for all advertising inquiries.

How many articles can I view per month if I’m not a registered user?

At this time you can currently view as many as you like but we would love to have you as part of our community, so if you find yourself on our site frequently, subscribe to us so we can continue providing you with more great content.

How can I help promote Create Change?

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What is the average word count for a single article submission?

500 words.

Can I submit an article or blog post to be published on Create Change?

Yes, we love finding new talent! Please submit all publishing inquiries on our submissions page and our editorial team will review your submission and contact via email.

How can I become a regular contributor to Create Change?

Please fill out our contributor form and let us know why you are interested in becoming a regular content contributor and attach an article or blog post you’ve written for review by our editorial team.

What are you looking for in a regular contributor for Create Change?

We are looking for like minded people who share our vision to help make the world a better place by using their passion for a purpose greater than themselves. We also like funny people!

How am I compensated as a regular contributor?

Currently we are only giving attribution and exposure through our website and social media.

Thank you for your interest in Create Change. We want to invite you to become part of our conversation by subscribing to our newsletter and taking our interactive survey. Your voice matters and can help generate solutions-based media that not only entertains, but activates and inspires the very best in all of us.