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    Jule Rolle

    Chyler, you we’re so strong and brave and you hot over your fears and bullying.
    But my question is : how do you keep going? How do you stay positive?
    I got bullied when I was younger and sometimes I still get bullied because I’m different and I try to stay positive but I just can’t because it’s just too much. I relapse a lot. I try to stay clean and sometimes I can handle a few days but then the demons in my head come out again and tell me I am not good enough , not pretty enough and not skinny enough. I try so hard to be better and to let better but I just fail over and over again . So I wanted to try and reach out to you and ask : How do you keep going?



    I already posted my personal questions regarding bullying but just had a thought that turns the table so to speak. Do you think any good could come out of You (Chyler) posing the question “why do we (fans) bully other people”? To be a bit clearer you ask us this question. I know that so many people look up to You and EOE but I bet its safe to say that some of us are still the ones who bully others. Maybe if you worded the question in your careful way some of the bullies might be willing to open up about specifics and then direct help could be sought for them.

    I, Sarah, tend to see the world in a way of if we first show love to people who are in the wrong they will trust easier and let down walls so that they can be helped and not just be belittled and punished for their wrongdoings. Maybe I live in a fantasy world, but a dream I had years ago still sticks with me that describes this particular situation (of showing love and concern before anger) and it did wonders in making a young girl feel safe. The simple question I asked was “why?”.



    Thank you for this article.I read it again and again.
    Its not easy for me to talk about bullied. Bullied is all over and everytime a part of my life.
    It beginns very soon in the groundschool from the teacher, in the teaching work from my chef. From stranger people.
    I was bullied for my look, for my weight, (i’m not slim) For that how i go. Some people says to me that she loves me and then she laugh about me.
    The last situation is a few weeks ago. I was on the way to the gym studio. And a man says – as he saw me – i know who eats my meal.
    Why do the people this? So they don’t know me. She could talk with me and i could explain it.
    In the past i eat against my frustration.
    And i don’t like go allone under struggle people.
    Last year i understand eating is not a solution. I change my meals and loose weight. This year i try to go out alone. And i try to standup for myself.
    But everyday is for me a challenge and Sometimes winn my fear and mind demons.

    My questions are?
    What do you think what is the reason,intention why people bully?
    What would you do when the fear winn?
    I try to ignoring the bullied, what would you do?

    Thank you Chyler that you take the time for us and answer our questions 💛



    Thank you all for the questions can’t wait to see more


    Maureen Felisaz

    Hey Chyler,i’m Maureen
    This article is very powerful and thank you to wrote about bullying.
    For me it’s happens years ago when i was 13 years and , now i’m 20, i was bullied because my body wasn’t like every other girls, i wasn’t like other people or women so they wrote me a song about my body , this song was horrible , i was alone every day and thought about suicide but i held on and i keep going to school but i wasn’t eating anymore or talking with someone, and they did that during a year and i never tell anything to my parents.
    Today, i have no trust in me and i’m always scared to loose my friends and i’m scared that this happens again
    So, how can we recover from bullying the years later ? How can we trust us having lived a thing like that ? How can i live my life without this fear ?
    Thank you again for you’re article .


    Pandora Elspeth

    Hi Chyler,

    I love this article and how beautifully you’ve articulated your thoughts on bullying.

    My first question is: what would be a healthy way to deal with a parent who has been a life-long bully and master manipulator if you are not currently able to cut them off & they have not responded to calm and honest discussions about their behaviour (from myself or others)? Is it better to continue pushing them to change (potentially aggravating them further) or simply distancing myself until I can remove them from my life? Or any other suggestions?

    My second question is: do you have any advice on how best to cut a toxic person out of your life in a positive/healthy way, and how to hold your ground if you do? It is something I am considering if my mother does not change in the future, but not sure if I am strong enough.

    (No pressure to give a complete or perfect answer here as I know it is a complicated situation with no simple solution, but I would greatly appreciate any insights/advice you may have)

    Thanks for the inspiring article <3


    Michael Holloway

    Dear Chyler

    As someone who has faced bullying in both online and offline life, and even from my own fears and anxieties, as well as someone who must cope with chronic illness on a daily basis, I sometimes wonder if there is some sort of divine plan in motion that I can’t understand right now, I sometimes wonder why I am here and how I can do enough good in the world to justify why I was created in the first place. How do you answer these metaphysical problems when I just feel so lost sometimes. I try and be so good, yet I am ever faced with those who wish to bring me down.

    Cheers, Mikey

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