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    Charne Botha

    Currently suicide & self harm figures are at their highest, despite the increase in artists, companies & foundations be vocal about it, & trying to help. My opinion on why this is so is because everyone had been tackling the situation the same way. It is not enough to tell the victim that what they are doing is wrong & that they have so much more to live for, & that this option is permanent. They already know that, permanent is probably the option they are looking for. I think it’s important to let the person feel heard & understood & sympathized. offer help in other ways than copying & pasting a hotline number. Allow them to feel safe & that they are not alone, & that you’re in the situation together. Be real towards them. Show them that theirs more to live for instead of quoting a cheesy phrase that they’ve probably heard hundreds of times. build them up instead of tearing them down by making them feel guilty.



    Angelo Lagdameo

    Thank you for your thoughtful post, Charne.

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