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    Angelo Lagdameo

    Cyberbullying is an issue we take very seriously in the Create Change community. In our initiative, code named Operation Orange, we will outline our policies and disciplinary actions we will take to prevent cyberbullying on our website and social media platforms. Please let us know your questions, concerns and suggestions on how we can end cyberbullying within our community and beyond. We all at Create Change believe that #CyberBullying IS NOT an insolvable problemβ€”if we ALL work together. We will dedicate our efforts to educate, prevent & reconcile this issue inside & outside our organization. 🧡 #OperationOrange

    Operation Orange


    Evelyn Moffat

    Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but what you are doing to stop CyberBullying is amazing


    Angelo Lagdameo

    Thank you Evelyn!!

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