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    Clarissa Castillo

    We all have gone through our own journeys of self discovery. Ones journey can happen at any point of our lives. Either when we are young or in my case when I was older. Back then I remember the fear that came with it. How scared I was making sense of it all. Today, having grown as a person I’m no longer a slave to that fear. My journey made me stronger and has since helped me accept myself for who I am.

    The colors of the rainbow run through our veins. I have pride in the stripes of the rainbow that best represent who I am. Though I would say I identify as bisexual I’ve never been a fan of labels. I don’t need one to identify me. I want to be able to love who I want to love. I’m open to all when it comes to love. For me it’s all about that human connection. That’s the beauty of the colors of the rainbow, how there’s someone out there for everyone.

    I’m truly grateful to those whom came before us. Those who sacrificed so much for us to be able to love who we want to love. Coming to terms with your sexuality is a pivotal moment for one’s life. Surrounding myself with what those whom who I call my chosen family has broken barriers for me. To have a group of people accept me for who I am has made things less scary.

    Years ago i hid who I was. I took those feelings I had an buried them deep down. I had this fear way back when of being judged. It’s only now that I’m finding peace and reassurance. I’m more accepting of who i am now than I was years ago when I was younger. At 28 years old I’m still learning new things about myself as a person. Exploring new possibilities in life now that I’m in this place where I feel I can accept myself.

    Looking back I realized how uncomfortable I was to talk about my sexuality when I was younger. Today I reach a point in which I don’t mind talking about it. I haven’t came out or had a conversation to my family yet about it because I feel like it isn’t the right time to. I know the right time will come eventually sometime along the line.

    One of the first people i came out to was my best friend Bex. I remember how proud she was of me and how accepting she was. She was happy I was able to find myself. To be honest I don’t think I couldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for her. She helped me through so much just liked those beautiful souls who helped me find myself. I have such amazing coworkers/friends from work who I’ve opened up to about my sexuality. I remember telling my friend Cynthia about my sexuality and she was so accepting. In fact there is something she said that still resonates with me to this day. She said it’s perfectly fine to be attracted to the same sex. For me that little thing she said is something that truly reminded me of how I matter and that my feelings are valid.

    The pride in my stripes come from those who helped me get this far. I’m exceptionally grateful to the positive representation on TV. that led me to find out that i wasn’t straight. Positive representation is what helped me truly embrace my sexuality. Everyone’s self discovery journey is different from others. Oftentimes for some of us it takes a long time before we really make sense of who we really are. Our Journeys lead us through different paths in life.

    At the end of the day our self discovery journeys make us stronger and tougher. No matter what you identify as I just was to remind you how valid you are and that you matter. Your rainbow colors that represent you are the armor that is protecting your inner warrior. Self acceptance is key. Accepting ourselves for who we are is vital for living a full happy life. Our journeys may may leave us bruised at times but also show how brave we are. They just show how this is meant to be and this is who we are.
    I’m a firm believer that all of us in this community are like brothers and sisters. When one of us is hurting we all are.

    In conclusion If there is anyone out there still struggling to find themselves know that you are not alone. Your journey of self acceptance matters and it will lead you to live a real full happy life. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. After all your rainbow stripes are beautiful and look amazing on you.

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