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    Okay so in this thread I’ll be posting my own book recommendations and book reads in general. I’ll also include various questions on the book (love that idea from Angelo on his Quarterly section). Feel free to comment on any of them.

    Here’s one that I’ll start off with: I currently read “Parkland” by Dave Cullen. Cullen had previously written the book “Columbine” which dealt with the Columbine shooting. I have yet to read it but after reading “Parkland” I’ll definitely need to give it a go.

    1.) How do you feel that Create Change can factor into the story?

    -Create Change is about bettering yourself, bettering your community. What the kids went though is something no kid should ever have to experience. These kids took matters into their own hands and did not sit on the sidelines. They were willing to make an impact not just in their community but in the world. There are some who might disagree but those things did not let them be silent. They were resilient in face of the odds and were/are willing to continue their activism, an activism which shouldn’t have happened in the first place, until things change. It might not happen a year, it might even happen in five or ten but it’s a start.

    2.) It can be easy to forget that these kids are just that, kids. What is it in them, in their drive that inspires you?

    -One of the things I would love is for me to be more optimistic and have an open mind. I have always been a pessimist and close minded. These kids rose up from their darkness, which I would love to do with mine. Sure they struggled both as individuals and as a group but they were willing to fight in a positive way.

    3.) What surprised you most about the book?

    The optimistic tone it took. While it went into details as to what happened to these kids it showed their resilience and how these kids took their pain into activism. I was expecting the book to be more morose. Instead, while it took on the pain, it also showed the tale of rising from the ashes and that darkness belongs in the dark. That you can overcome it, despite the struggle.

    4.) What is one word that describes the book?


    Parkland Book Cover



    These books are fairly simple.

    I’ve always been interested in photography. Got my first camera when I was just a kid. It was a Barbie themed 110 film camera. My second was a Yellow 35 mm. I must have been at least between 3rd and 4th grade. Over time my cameras have increased both in size and in mm length. I currently own a Nikon Coolpix p900 which has a 2000 mm length. Basically if you point it towards the moon you can see the craters in depth and focus.

    My passion for photography only grew with time.

    The more I got into Native American history the more fascinated I became with the historic pictures. I recently picked up “Eyewitness at Wounded Knee” which shows pictures from before the Wounded Knee in 1890 through the aftermath.

    Come college I was introduced to Ansel Adams who did black and white photography. I had never heard of this man before. I was impressed with his style of photography. I’d never considered even practicing with black and white before. I became inspired by his work that I’ve often tried my own hand at it. Most of his work consists of nature photography which is also what drew me into it. He does also have various other subjects such as people and inanimate objects but for me I consider his nature photography my personal favorite.

    Both photography books are easy reads since they’re basically picture books for adults but still great to go through even if photography is not really your thing.

    Ansel Adam’s Singular Images

    Eyewitness at Wounded Knee

    35mm Camera

    110mm (barbie) camera


    Angelo Lagdameo

    Thank you for sharing these books on photography! I’ll also interested in doing my own nature photography and these books are wonderful recommendations—I can’t wait to look into learning more. Thank you for sharing.

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