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Often times, inspiration will strike in the most random of places and without provocation. When it happens to me, I thank God for my Attention Deficit Disorder…  Had I not been scouring my mind for just the right words to further clarify the vision and underlying purpose of Create Change to a close friend, while simultaneously crossing the street to get a better look at the newly renovated 12th south District just outside of downtown, Nashville, I probably would have missed it.

I had paused to collect my thoughts (safely on the other side), and there beneath my feet, embedded in stone, was written what I believe to be one of the most prolific quotes coined by the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

“We are challenged today to rise above the narrow confines of our individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity: No individual nation on earth can live alone. We must all live together or we will be forced to die together.”—MLK

There it was, in essence, everything I was trying to convey from within.  Yet, I didn’t have to because this great man, full of wisdom and an immeasurable compassion for humanity, breathed life into these words over 50 years ago. Excitedly, I pointed it out to my friend, took a small step back to clear the frame, and snapped the picture that currently resides on the Create Change homepage.  It lives there as a reminder to our team of our sole purpose and mission; to connect one’s passions in life to a purpose greater than self.

Get a Cause, Get a Pulse.

Create Change is all about providing innovative and compelling content that will help all of us to adjust our vantage point so we can view the world through an altruistic lens.  Our Creative Director (the friend I was referring to above), Angelo Lagdameo, refers to our content as “solutions-based media”.  Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

You see, we believe that the slightest shift in how we all perceive the world around us and view the people who influence our daily lives, can be a catalyst of inspiration to create endless opportunities that will make a positive impact on our world in a real and tangible way.  Although it may challenge some of your own perceptions on how you view people, diversity, and cultures alike, it’s not a difficult task to tackle.  It’s a simple commitment to take part in being the change we want to see in the world, and it all starts with changing our perspective from focusing on the problems that plague our local communities, our nation and our world, to focusing on finding solutions.

Together, we can color outside the lines of despair and defy the traditional borders of mediocrity by painting a more authentic and honest portrayal of hope. As Dr. King so eloquently proclaimed in the last line of the quote above,”We must all live together or we will be forced to die together.”

Powerful, heartfelt words from one man who has lived well beyond his time on earth, through a legacy that will never die.

If what you’re hearing resonates with you, take our Create Change Survey so we can better understand what’s most important to you.


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