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  • Not sure where June disappeared too but it’s time for a sneak peek of July’s spread. I know for June I mentioned special pages related to Pride month. Well, July will have one special page entitled Travel Memories. I will going away a few times this month so I thought a travelling theme made sense. I still have pages to complete but wanted to sha…Read More

    • Looks great! And yeah, June sure flew by. Can’t believe we’re going to be in July at the end of the week. – My journaling has been mainly my personal journal. With so much going on lately (i.e. the overturn of Roe v. Wade), there’s been a lot of emotions I’ve had to get out.

      • I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone so far. My heart is broken over the current events.

        • Mine is too. As if women weren’t treated badly enough in this country, now they have to take away something that should be rightfully ours, something we should be allowed to do without interference- from the government or anyone else. They are making it so we’re breeders like in a farm and incubators. Disgusting. Sorry for the rant there.

  • I also do secondary journals which correspond with the binders. I write out my thoughts and add photos or minimal drawings and such in these for the different days/topics we do.

    With the Wear Your Pride 2022 coming up I’ll be adding more to the hand-written journals. I’ve already got a start on the title page, nothing fancy just some bold…Read More

  • WearYourPride2022! Since we’re doing a new campaign that means it’s time for a new Create Change Journal! These are pretty fun to do. Kind of expensive since it takes up a lot of ink and paper though but I love doing them so to me they’re pretty worth it.

    Each time a new entry is posted I copy it to a word doc. and print it from there. If I…Read More

  • So, it’s June! Which means it’s Pride month. Typically I like to add special pages/topics to my journals based on monthly themes, holidays etc. For example, I dedicated several pages in my journal to my Mental Health Awareness challenge. For the month of June, I have decided to include a page for pictures of me wearing my Pride (Proud Ally her…Read More

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    • Adrienne, those sound like great pages. I do want to do more for Pride this month, I just don’t know where to start.

  • Adrienne, thanks so much for the mental health awareness challenge. You didn’t have to do all 31 days and yet you did so I hope you don’t feel like your work was under-appreciated. I loved doing them.

    They really got me thinking. Especially since these are journal entries I don’t normally write. I usually just write down feelings. I…Read More

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