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  • I’m back to journaling. I stopped for a while. Not sure why. My therapist brought it up last week and suggested I get back into it. And so I ordered a new one as a way of getting a fresh start.

    Don’t know what I plan to write about, maybe I can find prompts online or maybe we can start suggesting some to each other?

  • Posted something similar in the creativity thread, but I figured here would be a nice place too.

    I love annotating my books because it makes them more personalized. I like how they turn out like journals. I’m reading while at the same time adding my own thoughts to them.

  • Ordered a few new journals. Lately, I’ve been in the mood to translate them. I’m not sure if I’ll be writing them in Aurebesh (from Star Wars) or Kryptonian.

    I taught myself Aurebesh in the 3rd grade, long before the internet so there was no cheating. So I could read and write it. Ever since then I would use it as a form of code. I would…Read More

  • I don’t keep a physical journal because it would be too much work for me to make it just how I want it and I’d begin obsessing over it. It would take the fun out of journaling for me and I’d lose sight of what I was meant to be doing in the first place. Instead, I do my journaling online, mostly on a Microsoft Word document. Unfortunately, I…Read More

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    • Jenna I know what you mean. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves about the perfection of it all that we lose sight of just the simple joy even if it’s nothing extravagant. My best idea is to start small. Maybe find a topic online and go from there. It doesn’t even have to be anything big. Maybe just one sentence and then see where it goes.

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