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  • The weather is changing and it’s getting cold. Little Krypto needs his blanket and some human cuddles.

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  • happy caturday from zeus!! he is getting old and dribbly and achey, but he is still very much up for a cuddle at 2 in the morning.

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    Alex Lee-El
    • Hi Alex, welcome. Saw your page. Love your EOE/Chyler tattoo. I’ve got one too- lyrics from ‘The Siege’. Also saw that you’re a Kraken fan. Nice. I am too!

      • Thanks! Your ink sounds very cool! ‘The Siege’ is such a powerful song. Which lyrics did you get if you don’t mind my asking? And loves me some hockey! I wish Kraken tickets weren’t quite so spendy lol, but hey, just thrilled to finally have a pro team in Seattle again. I do go to OL Reign games. Just as thrilling AND i can afford them 😁

        • I have the lyrics, “Rise or fall, I’ll keep pushing forth”. The first time I heard those words it just clicked. I’ll share a pic later. I love hockey too. Even though I live in Texas I’m a Penguins fan through and through though now that Seattle has a team they’re my team on the Northwest Division 😀 . I’ve been to 7, maybe 8 hockey games…Read More

          • Here’s my EOE tattoo

            • Great choice! Love that song. My brother really wants lyrics from “Glow”, but he wants to be 100% sure he has them right. I did Chyler’s quote cause the article resonated so much with me. My struggle with my body image has been one of my hardest battles physically and mentally. It was the final push I needed to begin therapy and it was one of the…Read More

          • I started as Ducks fan as a kid. I didn’t get to many NHL games, but my brother and I made a few trips to Anaheim to see some games in the past. We watched Seattle Thunderbirds games mostly which were also cool to attend. I only made it to the inaugural home game for the Kraken as I felt it was a special game. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive to…Read More

            • Love your Chyler story. I got to show Nathan my ‘Siege’ tattoo and that was one of the many highlights of the concert I went to.- I started off as a Ducks fan too. They’re still one of my favorite teams. I can’t imagine how expensive the Kraken tickets are in Seattle. The Arizona ones are fairly desent.

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