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  • Every year, I like to bake goodies for my colleagues instead of buying gifts. Today I baked a lemon drizzle (I forgot to take a photo!) and… MINCEMEAT MUFFINS! Yes, they are not your normal Christmas baked goods. No, they do not have meat in them. They are cross between a cinnamon muffin and a mince pie, and this year they came out the best they…Read More

  • Hi all, well we just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, and in a few weeks US Thanksgiving is coming up. So, I have two questions – 1) Do you celebrate some kind of Thanksgiving and if yes, when does that happen? 2) What is your favorite recipe?

    • Yes I do celebrate it. My most favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving has always been and probably always will be mashed potatoes. So yummy! I’m in the U.S. so I’m excited to get together with the fam again

    • We always celebrate Thanksgiving (US). Over time my tradition at home has grown by an additional 2. My sister-in-law and step-nephew have joined us since she and my sister started dating. I’m definitely a softy for pumpkin pie. I always wish it could be a year-round staple rather than just a Thanksgiving treat.

    • My mom and I love to cook and bake together during the holiday. Our favourite part of the meal was baking our Pumpkin or Apple Pie!

  • Every Easter I usually try and bake some cupcakes for work, but this year I couldn’t find mini eggs to decorate them like little nests anywhere? Anyway, enjoy this year’s upgraded version. What do you like to bake for Easter?

    • those look pretty cool. I normally don’t bake anything for Easter. I’m just the type to go out for Easter candy. LOL!

    • Those look like they were yummy!

    • Those look amazing Riley!!

    • Those look amazing! I haven’t done much baking on Easter. We usually focus on what to do with the hidden eggs and had the kids hunt for. We typically give everyone chocolate bunnies, so everyone is munching on them. I like the idea of the cookies; maybe we can do that next year.

      • Same, we do the giving of chocolate bunnies as well. That’s about as far as we go though. No kids around. When we (my sister and I) were little though my parents would do the Easter basket thing and then we’d have two egg hunts- one inside the house and the other outside.

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  • *New Recipe Alert* Freshly Baked!

    Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints

    Cookie Dough:

    •1 cup Butter softened
    •½ cup Sugar
    •2 cup Flour
    •1 tsp Vanilla
    Maraschino Cherries (for Garnish)


    1. Preheat oven to 375.
    2. Cream together butter and sugar and
    3. Mix in flour (your dough will look
    4. Roll dough in…Read More

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