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  • True story.

  • I decided I’m going to be challenging myself to a drawing prompt every day. I used to draw all the time. I haven’t done it in years so I’m out of practice. These drawings might be amazing or they might turn out horrible. Either way I’m gonna do it and I’ll share it with y’all.

    • I’ll probably start tomorrow though because I’m gonna be out all day today

    • That is so cool, Sophie. I’m not a great artist but I like to draw every now and then. I just haven’t had much inspiration.

      • As a kid I used to be really good at it. I drew all kinds of cartoon characters but after not doing it for a long time, I’m just a bit out of practice. It feels nice to finally get back to it.

    • I’m going to join you in this challenge!😊

  • Last night I went to see “A Christmas Carol” at the theater, and I gotta say I’m still blown away. I can’t stop thinking about how talented those people were! They sang so beautifully, and their performances were incredible! Each actor truly put their heart and soul into this. The guy who played Scrooge is such an amazing actor! He’s like some…Read More

    • That’s great, Sophie. Glad you enjoyed yourself. It sounds like you had a nice time.

      • It was such an incredible show! I so badly want to go back but unfortunately it’s a lot of money. I’m hoping to see more shows hopefully next month though or in the summer.

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  • Next weekend I’m going to see A Christmas Carol at the theater with my family! So excited, I haven’t seen a play in a long time. I went to see this same show years ago and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to see it again!

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