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  • I have found a lot of comfort, consistency, trust, strength and bravery through music so far in my life. Last night I belted along to a Hannah Montana playlist I made myself for a 40 minute car journey (and it gave me so much serotonin and nostalgia). I’ve found bands that, when I listen for the first time, something in my brain clicks. Singers…Read More

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    • Yikes, Riley, that’s a difficult question! Obvious East of Eli. I have some of his lyrics tattooed because of how much Nathan’s words have helped, saved my life even. As for other music, it all depends on my mood. If I’m feeling melancholy I’ll listen to instrumental or new age music. If I’m feeling sad about a celebrity death then I’ll…Read More

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    Riley Redmond
  • Has anyone else listened to P!nk’s new album TRUSTFALL yet?

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    • Not yet! I have heard very good things, and seen some epic BTS content from music videos and shows, but I need to get round to it? Have you? What do you think so far?

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    Mandi Lix
  • I could use some advice, ok so I’ve been writing songs about anxiety and depression and someday I hope to release an album for mental health awareness month sometime in the near future (not this year) but once in awhile I get these thoughts about maybe I shouldn’t do it because it may be a little too negative and I want my music to be happy and…Read More

    • I think you shod do it. Bringing awareness to mental health by sharing your work is scary trust me, I know this, but it’s worth it. While it’s a scary feeling it’s also a freeing and rewarding feeling to put your story out there.😊

    • Definitely go for it is my opinion. Sure some of your songs may be dark and scary, but the truth is life can be sometimes. It’s dark and it’s messy. It’s not all happy and tulips. Sad and depressing songs are songs that some people could probably end up relating to the most and wouldn’t that be one of the messages you’d want to get out? Just…Read More

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