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  • Wow what a unique find:

    Yesterday I discovered a podcast called ‘The Neurodiversity Podcast’. I don’t even remember how I came across it tbh. Well there was an episode (ep. 152) that talked about Discovering Dyscalculia. So much of what was said were things I could relate to.

    I went to school in the early 90s/early 00s (graduated in 07).…Read More

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    • Cool. It mentions two books in it. I looked them up and they seemed pretty good so I ordered them. Hopefully they’ll help me understand it more and help me to see what was wrong with me in the past as well as what was missed by teachers and such.

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    Riley Adams
  • One thing I love doing is looking up podcasts based on the books I read. I’ve come to find that when I’m reading there will usually, more than 90% of the time, where a writer has gone on some podcast platform to talk about it. It really adds a different layer to the book because it gives me a better idea, plus there’s just the whole fun aspect…Read More

  • Does anyone listen to the podcast Drama Queens? It is so fun that Hilarie, Sophia, and Joy are going back to their One Tree Hill days.

    The show was on when I was in high school so I was at the very start of it. Out of all the TV dramas I watched back then, OTH was my all-time favorite.

    The character of Peyton Sawyer, was my favorite on…Read More

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    • I LOVE THE DRAMA QUEENS SO MUCH!! To me, it’s so much more than a rewatch podcast. The girls inspire me to have real and honest conversations with the people in my life.

  • LOL, what has happened to me? I used to listen to podcasts so much last year, but this year I’m lucky if I only get through one a week (Drama Queens). I need to get into them again. Just need to find some good ones. I think mainly because I’m getting bored with the ones I’ve been listening to.

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