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  • I was able to paint my nails again in a safe space last night (pink and blue trans colours of course) and I love it. Never thought I’d be able to paint my nails and still feel like me and not who people assume I’m supposed to be because of the gender I was assigned with at birth.

    Yay for the little wins!

    • I’m glad you got to do it. You deserve to be understood & safe 💜

    • That’s great, Riley. It’s always nice when you can have a safe place just to be who you are. It’s hard to find places like that these days. That’s one of the things I love about our online community here at CC. We can be ourselves without judgment. Instead we can support each other like no other place really can.

  • Hey everyone, it’s not much but I just wanted to come and share my support. I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the new law in Texas. As a Texan, I cannot tell you how much this sickens me.

    For it to become a law that it’s considered child abuse and for having teachers reporting any trans kid they see, I mean what words are there to…Read More

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