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  • I’m feeling stuck when it comes to my writing. Does anyone have any advice or tricks to help get unstuck?

    • I wish I did but I’ve been struggling with writers block for months

    • Sorry, Carson, I’ve been stuck too. I’m trying on the screenwriter’s format to see if stuff works that way but even then I’ve been struggling as well. What is going on with us- funny how we all seem to be having difficulties at the same time.

  • Who is planning on submitting an entry for #wearyourpride2022

  • It’s June, which means pride month! For the first prompt of the month simply create a character who is somehow part of the LGBTQ+ community.🌈

    • This is so fun! Maybe I’ll do this as part of my journaling routine tonight

    • Sounds like a fun topic Carson. I’ll have to see what I come up with and then I’ll share it.

    • Okay, wrote mine. I’m not sure if I should continue this one. I kind of want to but again, I’m not sure. It seems like there could be more to the story than just this one introductory scene.

      • Apparently, there was more to this story. I’ve just hit 8 pages worth. And it seems to be taking a slight sci-fi element. This is what I get for watching ‘Taken’ too many times and both Roswell series too much. LOL!

        • Though for what it’s worth, the book I have on Screenwriting does say it’s okay to borrow elements from other sources so I think I’m safe.

      • Ronnie I’m hooked! I would love to read more!

        • Yae, thanks Carson! I’ve kind of already started writing it. Not sure if I want to write two versions: one grounded in reality, the other slightly sci-fi. Might end up doing both.

  • Okay so I’ve never been a screenwriter, never even attempted it but I’ve always loved the style in which those kinds of stories are written.

    For a long while now I’ve wanted to write a fanfiction based on that format so I figured I needed a place to start.

    I ended up ordering this book (which should arrive on Friday). I wasn’t even…Read More

    • That’s amazing Ronnie. I want to learn scriptwriting.

      • I seriously can’t wait to get started. Glad I ordered more tabs and got fresh highlighters because it seems as if I’ll really need both 🙂

        • Plus I’m hoping this guide will help me get out of my writing funk/writer’s block. That’s probably what I need, a change in writing style, something fresh and new.

          • Another great thing about the book is that it’s a current edition (7th) which was published in 2019 so it has a lot of relevant information. Gah, can’t wait for it to arrive!

    • Oh that looks like a cool book! I tried writing monologues and short scripts before, I wasn’t very good at it. I gave up too quickly I think.

      • I saw it when I went to the bookstore today but my copy had already shipped so there was no point in getting it. I did look it over though and it seems really good.

        • Okay, this time I really can blame this on my bipolar disorder. One of the main symptoms I struggle with is over-spending. And usually, once I get a thought about a purchase in my head I can’t get it out despite how much I try to self-control. It ends up consuming my mind until I “fix” it. So even though I have a book coming in on Friday, I…Read More

      • That’s cool you at least tried it Sophie. I’m still in the process of fleshing my story out. I’ve got the character profiles so now it’s a matter of putting the story together. I have this Supergirl/Batwoman fanfiction that I do want to work on as a script, something different than my usual writing. I have the entire story written, I just want…Read More

  • I feel like this post would be very fitting in the writing group lol… I just took the AP Language and Composition Exam, where you have to hand-write 3 essays in 2 hours. I barely finished my last essay, and they definitely weren’t my best pieces because of the limited amount of time. But hey at least I did it! My brain is completely fried and my…Read More

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