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  • Hi everyone, I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to finish the writing challenge for this month. I have my final exam of the semester on Saturday. So a lot of my energy has gone into studying for that. Once my exam is over, I’ll be back on here regularly again. I have an idea for December that I hope people will take part in. I’ll be back soon!💙

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    • No worries. I had a hard time writing too. Plus I’ve got 3 final papers to write so I’m busy on those the next two weeks.

  • Wahoo wrote my first fanfic since September!

    My meds hinder my creativity unfortunately so I don’t do as much writing. I need to find ways around that.

    For some reason, though the movie Happiest Season came into my mind, I found the scene I was looking for and I was finally able to write for it.

    I’ve missed writing like you can’t…Read More

  • Don’t know what day I ended on so I’ll just be continuing with whatever I have going on. These days it’s hard to find something to be grateful for. The loss of Jason David Frank has hit me hard like no other celebrity death has. I suppose if there is a silver lining it’s the memories I have.

    At the age of 4, it became a dream to meet him.…Read More

  • What I’m thankful for day 12: I’m thankful for teachers, they work so hard and sometimes don’t get enough money for all the good work they do. My teachers were literally the only ones who made high school bearable. I was always homeschool growing up because of anxiety, my parents taught me things in the beginning but than I did online school throu…Read More

  • What I’m thankful for day 11: I’m thankful for bees. Without bees, we wouldn’t survive. Without them we wouldn’t have lots of the food we have. We wouldn’t have a healthy environment either. At one time I didn’t care about them, I got stung by three bees at the same time once when I was kayaking, I accidentally hit a bees nest with my paddle. I…Read More

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