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Let Love Conquer the World

Written by Ana Isabel in response to Create Change CCO Chyler Leigh’s article ‘Bullied and the Beast’. This submission is in the form of a beautiful poem. It is one of the most uplifting submissions we received. The author has a strong voice and we absolutely love the message.

There's a fine limit that we must walk, Love yourself as much as you can, and never let anyone else push you down.

We all deserve to feel beautiful inside.
We’ve all done something we regret.
But our beauty relies on the decisions we choose to make
with the life that lies ahead.

We all have the chance to be something brilliant.
And for that we must forgive our past mistakes,
believe that beauty and kindness live in our souls,
and choose to love, choose to be kind, choose not to hate.

Our biggest challenges often arise,
for when we feel hated and hurt
we wish to respond in kind.

But it is just a cycle.

Whatever you do,
try not to let your actions be driven by hate.
Stand your ground if you may,
but don’t push the other down
to climb your best.

There’s a fine limit that we must walk,
Love yourself as much as you can,
and never let anyone else (nor yourself)
push you down.
But in rising, don’t take someone else
down out of spite.

Don’t push back with a hammer,
if you’ve been touched by a fly.
For if we follow that path,
the hammer will be followed by a truck
and destruction will increase and multiply.

Stand for yourself,
but don’t let your words be tainted by hate.
Explain, if you feel you can,
instead of shouting.
And if you can’t,
shout for your rights to be protected,
not chanting hate towards the rest.

None of us want to be hated on.

And hate always feels like an excuse
to pour more hate into the world.

We won’t always succeed,
and that’s okay.

We may need some practice to fully understand
how we can perform this task.

But let’s try to make our legacy be,
that where there was hate
we made the world a little kinder.

And where there was heartache
we showed the world that we can rise above.

Let’s try to be better than them.
Let’s try to show them what we really are made off.

Let’s stop them but not hurt them.
Let’s show the world that it can be done without hate.
Let’s prove ourselves that we can be that person
that we wish someone else was.

Let love conquer the world.

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