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    What I’m thankful for day 12: I’m thankful for teachers, they work so hard and sometimes don’t get enough money for all the good work they do. My teachers were literally the only ones who made high school bearable. I was always homeschool growing up because of anxiety, my parents taught me things in the beginning but than I did online school throughout middle school and high school. High school absolutely sucked! Giant stress! I was so happy when I graduated but not because of the hard work I did but just because I was glad to be done with that daily mental stress. Honestly I didn’t work that hard in school, everything was too overwhelming. I also couldn’t focus if my life depended on it. Every time before talking to a teacher I’d get anxiety even if I spoke to them many times before but than they end up being so sweet every time and some of them are so funny.

    I loved all my teachers but my favorite was probably my French teacher, she was always in such a good mood and always very patient with me because I was a pretty slow learner in French, but she let me do assignments as many times as needed until I got it right. Usually your only allowed three tries to get a good grade on an assignment. Another teacher that really stood out to me was my film teacher, I was really interested in acting around that time (I still am a little bit) and she would always send me links to sites about actors and tips on acting even when I wasn’t doing school. She even said once “I hope I can see you in a play someday” . Having great teachers in my past school years makes me very excited to meet my professors when I go to college next year, I actually already met one of my professors.



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