• Hi, I’m not that active on here but I hope everyone is doing better than I am. I’ve been sick for 2 months. A medication I was on made my GERD worse than it’s ever been in my life and I’ve had it pretty horrible in the past but not this bad. For like 2 years I had it under control until my stupid heart rate medication ruined everything. I recen…Read More

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but I’ve been depressed lately cuz I have a friend that’s in the hospital and he’s really sick and I have another friend that I thought was my friend and she’s not even returning my texts or phone calls and I don’t really like to tell people this but just haven’t been on here and just been dealing with a…Read More

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    Carson posted in the group Writing

    I’m excited because I’m motivated to write for the first time in what feels like forever!!!💙💙💙

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    August Reading Wrap-Up!!

    I read 6 books this month which honestly for me, considering I’m pretty new to the reading world, is a record. Here’s what I read

    1.My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey
    3.5/5 stars
    2. An Honest Lie by Tarryn Fisher
    3/5 stars
    3. Never Coming Home by Hannah Mary MacKinnon
    4/5 stars
    4. The Girl Who Sur…Read More

    • Adrienne, that’s great. Congrats! Since you are new to reading, how are you enjoying it? As for my 5-star, I had 2: ‘Saving Yellowstone’ by Megan Kate Nelson. And ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ by Suzanne Collins

      • I’m loving it!! It’s really giving me an escape from my chaotic reality. I love escaping to the pretend lands, worlds, universes etc.

        • That’s what I love about reading too. It’s a nice way of making the world stop for a little while. While I don’t read that much fiction, even just getting into other people’s experiences (nonfiction) is more than satisfying because I get to view the world through someone else’s eyes and what they’ve gone through.

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Shy and quiet reader. Shy and quiet writer.

Aside from being a fangirl, I am an avid reader to the extreme.  I converted an old bedroom into a library so much of my time is spent in it.  I read a variety of genres but my main genre is Non-Fiction and a sub-genre of Native American studies.

My top 3 books of all time:

  1. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
  2. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
  3. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley



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