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    3 weeks ago

    Okay, so, if you know me, I will have tried to have bully you into watching The OA even though it was cancelled on S2 on a cliffhanger. Brit and Zal (the creators) are incredible storytellers, and The OA holds a special place in my heart. I truly think it is one of the best, if not THE best, tv show out there… AND THEY HAVE RELEASED ANOTHER TV SHOW TOGETHER!

    A Murder At The End Of The World came out last Tuesday with two episodes, and a new episode will be released each Tuesday. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed so far. Emma Corrin and Harris Dickinson star in the murder mystery with a little extra, and Brit Marling herself also has an important role, as well as being the creator and directing some episodes. If you love murder mystery, gorgeous cinematography, characters full of life (pun intended) and storytelling at the next level, I urge you to watch. It’s currently available on Disney+ in the UK and, I believe, worldwide… I am SO excited for where the story will go. If it’s anything like The OA, I have no idea which turns it will taken but I am strapped in and ready for the ride.

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