Neglecting Your Abstract Lizards

Hobbies! Most of us have hobbies, whether we’re into music, art, gaming, or we’re avid readers, the majority of us have at least one activity that we enjoy and spend time pursuing, but there’s something relating to hobbies that has been bugging me for a long time. What happens when we’re not great at the hobby we enjoy?

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Striving For Authenticity

Recently a Create Change community member (shout out to Kira) and I were talking and she asked me how the Create Change team were all such good writers. I thought it was an interesting question because I've often wondered what it is that makes someone a good writer.

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About Me

Shandy Marbles

Create Change team member

Hello. My name is Shandy and I'm part of the Create Change team. My pronouns are she/her and I'm fine with they/them too. Some things about me are that I'm queer, disabled, autistic, and very silly. I have a degree in English literature and creative writing, a foundation degree in mental health, and a teaching qualification for adults in community education. I have taught drama and creative writing as well as courses in self-care and managing mental health. I'm very into arts and crafts even though I mostly just make messes. I love books, music, collecting weird stuff, and Wensleydale cheese. I also love autumn, silver things, animals, and I'm quite fond of Clarice Starling. I don't like shaking hands and my facial expressions don't work very well but I am very pleased to meet you!



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