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Part 4 – A Joyous Conclusion in London

We arrived in London, the final stop on the EOE Meta Tour, on Saturday afternoon. With a night off prior to the performance the following night, we decided to venture into the city from our lodgings located in the outskirts of London to see some famous landmarks. We were no more than five miles from the heart of the city but not wanting to drive ourselves, we decided to take what turned out to be the world’s longest five-mile Uber ride. I’m pretty certain we could have walked to Big Ben faster than that ride took. I will never again complain about traffic where I live. Maybe.

It was a beautiful, clear and chilly night, a perfect evening for a long walk through the beautiful city of London. We wandered from Westminster Abbey, through St. James Park, to Buckingham Palace, and further down to Herrod’s Department Store, finally reaching our favorite local restaurant destination for a delicious meal and an opportunity to share lots of laughter and stories from the tour. Fortunately, the Uber ride back to our lodgings post-dinner was much faster.

The following day was spent preparing for the final performance of this UK EOE Meta Tour. Our venue was The London Arms and we took off in the late afternoon to get set up. We decided to do something special during tonight’s VIP experience, since many of the VIPs had been to at least one other performances as well. One of our merch items was a set of four postcards that when put together create a special work of art. We asked folks to write messages on the back of the cards, telling us what Create Change and the EOE Experience means to them. The responses were amazing. Of course, everyone got to have a photo and autograph opportunities with Nathan as well.

London brought us our largest crowd so far, and again the energy from the audience was incredible. It was a joy to watch the crowd dance together, sing along with every song, and just generally have a great time. Once again, tonight’s performance was in support of SCOPE, England’s Disability Equality charity, which we also supported in Cambridge. We were thrilled to raise more funds for this phenomenal organization.

As with most of the prior performances, Nathan did several acoustic songs during the second half of the show, then he brought Mika back on stage for a few more songs, ending the performance with a rousing rendition of “Lost Transmission”. However, it was the final night of the tour and the crowd didn’t want to say goodbye, so Nathan was convinced to sing one more song, delivering a beautiful, acoustic version of “Creep”, a cover of the famous Radiohead song. After a truly special and memorable evening, it was finally time to say goodbye, for real this time. And thus, the UK leg of the EOE Meta Tour concluded with all of us heading back to our respective homes.

We truly could not be more thankful for the support we received from everyone who attended one or more of these EOE experiences, and also from those of you who sent good wishes from around the world. At the end of the day, our primary goals with this tour were to build bonds with our Create Change community and to promote and financially support some wonderful charities. The work these charities do is vitally important because each one is doing all they can to ensure that people in need can thrive, not just survive. As a result of your generous support for our new approach of featuring a charity at each EOE performance, we were able to donate a combined total of 5,400 British Pounds (which translates to just over $7,000 US), shared between all of these incredible organizations.

It’s through your support, both at upcoming EOE performances and via your Create Change subscriptions that we’ll be able to help even more worthy charities going forward. We can’t wait to share more experiences together in 2020 as the EOE Meta Tour continues! Stay tuned for news about tour dates, which will be coming soon. We hope to see you there. Oh, and we’d love to hear your suggestions for charities we should consider supporting together.


Relaxing after the final performance of this leg of the EOE Meta Tour

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Do you have a favorite memory from the UK Meta Tour? Do you have a suggestion for a charity we should support in 2020?  Please visit our EOE Meta Tour FORUM and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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