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Remembering Sue Ing

In loving memory of Sue Ing

As some of you are aware, Sue Ing passed away on 05/13/2019. Born Adoreena Sue Lun Ing and lovingly called Bobbie or Bobs by her family, Sue was a very special friend to Create Change, providing support at many of our events including several concerts where we partnered with EOE. No task was ever too big or too small for Sue. She simply wanted to help in any way she could, even if it meant just lending an ear to someone who needed a friend to talk with. We will miss her kind smile and wonderful spirit.

We asked Sue Ing’s family if there is a charity our community can donate to in Sue Ing’s honour. Please send your gifted donations to the Canadian Cancer Society here.

Canadian Cancer Society

An Ode to Sue – from Clarissa Castillo

There’s always that one person who would impact our lives. Whether we knew them well or not. For me that person was Sue. She was so sweet and kind. Such a beautiful soul I’m going to miss having around.

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet her in person, but I always thought I would cross paths with her at a future EOE show. I remember the brief conversations we had. I will forever cherish those memories. Sue will always have a special place in my heart. Just like she will always have a special place in our community.

As far as family goes we lost one of our own. We all gained a guardian angel. Sue will always be watching over us. It’s times like these that we hold each other close and tell our loved ones we love them. Sue left her footprint in her work and with EOE. She was a beautiful addition to our crazy beautiful family. It’s time we reunite as one; that we love and respect one another. I know it’s something Sue would want. Love and miss you Sue may we cross paths in the after life.

To a Super Girl – from Oli Sylvan

She has gone to become an angel, to be a Sue-per Girl.

To a Super Girl

In Fond Remembrance of Sue Ing – by Angelo Lagdameo

From the moment I met Sue Ing I knew she was a remarkable person. I always delighted at seeing her at an EOE show. She was always quick to flash a smile and start a conversation. There were EOE shows where she could read my overwhelmed face and without even asking she would offer a warm helping hand. During the shows, I’d watch the crowd reactions, and there was Sue elevating the crowd energy or toning it down when Nathan or Chyler was ready to make an announcement. I saw that Sue was well respected at these events, but she never acted snobbily, instead, she made others feel important. She freely gave laughs and hugs and welcomed newcomers to the shows. Online she used her social media presence to remind us that love conquers negativity. She was admittedly against cyberbullying. And when I felt bullied, she gave me words of encouragement. She believed fandom was a source of good energy, and that’s how she lived. We will miss her. Let’s carry our fond memories of Sue Ing with us, let’s live up to her positivity and good vibes and continue to make the world a happier place the way she did.

A Moment In Time With Sue Ing
‘A Moment In Time With Sue Ing’ photo from Deb and Gemma.

If you want to share a memory of Sue Ing please send us your loving remembrances of Sue Ing here.

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