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    • COVID / Quarantine
      The global COVID pandemic has forced all of us to deal with issues we've never faced before.  This is a place for you to discuss your thoughts and personal experiences dealing with the pandemic, and also to share suggestions about how to deal with physical distancing and/or quarantining.
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    • Mental Health
      We are passionate in our belief that Mental Health Matters and that we must remove the stigma surrounding mental health.  This is a place for you to share your own experiences and thoughts about this incredibly important issue.
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    • POC Perspective
      It's essential that we do everything we can, both individually and as a community, to stand up for justice and equality for all. While we don't support discrimination or segregation of any kind, we have created this space to give special voice to the Person of Color perspective.
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    • Social Media – Getting To Know You
      We share lots of wonderful posts from our Create Change community on social media, especially with our #TueDoLists and #FeelinGoodFriyay Instagram stories.  This is a place for you to share thoughts about a particular post and/or connect with another Create Change community member in response to a specific post.
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