Create Change Submission Guidelines

We encourage you to send us your creative media. We have no specific criteria when reviewing submissions for publication. With regard to writing submissions, we’ll always be happy to assist with editing, but before you send us a submission we recommend you go down the following checklist:

  • Please proofread your work very carefully—or even better, have someone else review it. Make sure to avoid spelling errors, and it’s important to use proper punctuation.
  • Did I credit all my sources appropriately? Plagiarizing is unacceptable, so credit all your source material, even if it’s just a quote. List and link your sources whenever possible.
  • We don’t have a minimum or maximum word count, but 250–1000 words per writing submission is an ideal range for us.
  • Your writing submissions should be in your tone-of-voice. We love to hear about your personal experiences and game-changing life stories. However, rants are not appropriate. DO NOT submit anything you do not feel comfortable sharing with the public.
  • Is your artwork submission hi-res enough? 2 megs is a good standard for images. Feel free to submit your videos in a preview format, but have a HD version ready to send if your video submission is selected for publishing.
  • We recognize that issues related to religion and faith are extremely personal to people and they must be treated with a great deal of sensitivity. As a result, out of respect for everyone in our global and very diverse community, Create Change has elected to refrain from publishing articles and social media posts with overt religious messages.
  • We are not a fan site. As the key leaders in our organization, Nathan West (EOE) and Chyler Leigh (CCO) have directed that Create Change should focus on groups, individuals and other organizations working to make positive impacts in their local communities and around the world. They want our articles to feature outstanding change creators, with an occasional story from a community member who has a personal story to share that’s likely to resonate with others. While they genuinely appreciate their admirers, they don’t want Create Change to become a “fandom website” for people to share their love for Nathan and Chyler. However there are touchpoints where you can directly share these personal moments:
    • Use your own social media and blogging platforms.
    • Post your eoeXpereinces on our EOE Fan Forum.

Submission For Non-Native English Speakers

If English is your second (or third) language we still encourage you to send us your writing submissions. Create Change is a global community, so please don’t hesitate to send your work, regardless of whether or not English is your primary language. Create Change is happy to publish your submission in your native language, and if selected we will work with you to post an English translation alongside your native language piece.

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