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The Self-Care Project

Introduction by Create Change

We all know Creating Change starts with us as an individual. It’s very difficult to impact positive change if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. It’s hard to give when we aren’t happy with who we are or how we feel. On our last tour with EOE we met Brynnen and she told us about her Self-Care website project. Here’s an introduction to Brynnen’s project, in her own words. We hope you enjoy her website as much as we have.

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About The Self-Care Project
written by Brynnen Beierle

Self-care, to me, is the most important act in the world, so I’ve created the Self-Care Project. This is a website where articles are posted about people with different mental illnesses, self-care styles, careers, struggles, etc., exploring the benefits of self-care. It also includes my blog where I share insights about my experiences with self-care and mental health (depression and anxiety).

Self-care is a term that might not resonate with you but it’s an act I’m sure you participate in. Simply put, self-care involves the practices one does that express love and care for oneself. For those of you who struggle with mental health, self-care could be a set of activities you do to stay on track with your health when you’re struggling. For those busy-bees out there, self-care is making time for yourself to check-in on your own well being.

When I started the Self-Care Project my original goal was to learn how others cope with their mental health struggles. It has now turned into a much bigger project, expanding from just posting articles from and about other people, to now also including things I’ve learned about how to take control not only of your mental health but of your life in general. The last few months have been spent diving into the science behind mental health, the personal experiences of others with their mental health, and how self-care is practiced around the world.

Most importantly, the Self-Care Project is a platform to share ways to improve your life and self-worth, whether you struggle with mental health or not, and to demonstrate that we’re all in this together.

Postings so far have included articles about a) world-traveller and Naked and Afraid Survivor, Alison Teal, b) self-care advocate and fitness guru, Alena Elizabeth, c) individuals discussing their personal mental health, d) an amazingly open and brave high school student, e) a travel writer, and f) members of the LGBTQ community and their struggles with coming out.

And of course, there are more articles and posts to come!


To learn more about the Self-Care project visit self-careproject.com. You can also connect via Instagram @selfcareprojects.

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