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Ups And Falling Down(s)

Ups and Downs

Written by Vickie Downs

Among all the wonderful things that life is, life is hard.

You line up follow the rules, do all the right things and sometimes you don’t get the prize. It’s not anything that you did wrong – it just wasn’t meant to be.

I don’t know if we are all out here just wandering around, dodging bullets and not knowing it, or if there is a “divine” path that was set for us, and all the dodging and weaving is not going to make a difference at all. I do know that trying too hard to figure out the “bad” knocks in life can damage your soul and turn the blue skies dark.

I remember watching a horror movie and in the movie the demon, or whatever it was, was shown hanging on the man’s back, with its hands wrapped around his neck. The people around him couldn’t see it, but it was there, heavy on the soul, sucking away life’s breath.

That happens in real life, you know. Not necessarily a demon from hell hanging on your back, but basically the same when you’ve “fallen down.”

People don’t always see who has fallen down and, frankly, there are those who could give a rat’s @ss – and if they did see, they may even come over, kick dirt on you and laugh!

And then there are those people, random strangers even, who open the clouds for you when they reach out a hand to pick you up. A “hand” being anything from a kind word, nice smile or an actual hand.

We are all only human and our own self preservation is usually what is motivating us. Pull down the hat, button up the coat, pull up the collar and charge on through life, looking neither right nor left, getting from point A to point B and hoping that we don’t fall down in between.

I get it, I’m human too. I’m not perfect, I’m flawed, I’m not always kind. What I do try to remember is that there are people who are lying on the ground, slouching in their chair about to slide off, and if I can show some kindness, maybe that will make a difference for them for that day.

Big finale…what choice, articulate, final profound words do I have to share……..drum roll……”Be nice. Don’t be a Turd. Life is Hard. Don’t be the final straw. Don’t kick dirt in peoples faces. You don’t know what others are going through. Be the sunshine. Make me a sandwich.” Just kidding about the “sandwich”. I got hungry when I was writing this! 🙂


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