Wear Your Pride: Campaign For Self-Acceptance


For Pride Month, we at Create Change wanted to speak to the ever-expanding landscape of our physical and digital selves. It can be so easy to label others based on personal perspectives that can edify or break down the appearance, identity, and expression of others in our lives, directly or indirectly. We feel it’s incredibly important and so very timely to focus on the greatest attributes we all encompass, and set a loving and supportive example of who and what we are at our very core. We are beautiful, we are powerful, and we are worthy to wear our pride on our sleeves and let it shine. So take that step, big or small, and #WearYourPride. After all, we deserve to be seen for who we are… we are glorious.

Wear Your Pride Art


Following Chyler’s Wear Your Pride article we received many thought-provoking essays.  We published the following submissions, each one coming from a unique perspective, and each one embodying the spirit of PRIDE:

The Struggle With Labels
The Label That Stole My Smile
A Different Kind Of Pride
Pride Vs. Guilt
Life’s Hard (But, We Are Stronger Together)
Labels Are Power

Pass The Mic August 2020
Illustration for ‘Pass The Mic August: Wear Your Pride Edition’ by Chyler Leigh and Angelo Lagdameo.

Our wonderful community also contributed fantastic artwork and short-reads in our curated edition called Pass The Mic August: Wear Your Pride Edition.

Social Media Discussion

Odes to Pride Header

We are encouraging our community to continue the discussion of self-acceptance on social media with the hashtag #WearYourPride. Be on the lookout for our regular #MotivationMonday, #TueDoList, and #FeelinGoodFriayay hashtags where we will engage on the #WearYourPride theme. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to participate in the conversation.


Digital Goodies

Spectrum of Wear Your Pride

As a goodie for our VIP subscribers, you can download Wear Your Pride digital avatars to personalize your social media accounts.

Wear Your Pride Limited Edition Available Now

Wear Your Pride Design

Exclusively sold on our store, we are releasing a new Wear Your Pride limited edition designed by our own CCO, Chyler Leigh. We are also offering some of our classic designs celebrating the beautiful colors of Pride, representing the diversity of our LGBTQIA+ community.

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