The World’s Largest Super-Hero Team Wants You!

It’s time to let the Super-you out!

Take a look at our dear old world. Recently, it’s been beaten and battered by out of control political and weather systems, but its heart is till beating strong. Put your hands to the Earth, close your eyes and you can feel it. Our planet. We can all help to make it better every day in both big and small ways. But it helps if we all work together…as a team…a SUPER-TEAM! And this is where you come in…

The FAB 4000

Yes, that’s the name of a brand new super-hero team. Who are they? Good question, we’re glad you asked. The team is the brainchild of comic book creator Tim Quinn who was inspired by the work of a group of students from St Vincent’s School for the Blind in Liverpool, England. “Amazing young people,” says Quinn. “I went to the school to tell them about my time working in the comic book industry and found the students were real super-heroes, who, despite their own problems, were seeking out and sending aid to people less fortunate around the world. It turned out that these students loved tuning into the ‘Supergirl’ TV series each week and felt inspired by the very concept of the super-hero who just wants to help others, and consequently help make a better world for us all.”

…we put the word out for new members to join our team. The only super-power you need is super-compassion.

Seeing the way these students were reaching out to help in all sorts of different causes gave Quinn an idea. “I loved that they were helping with both big and small projects from raising funds for the poisonous Black Fly plague in Africa to simply helping each other find their way around the school grounds or in the local city.



So there you have it in a nutshell, dear reader. We want you! And we want you to share your stories of how you and your friends go about making your house, school, college, town, city and country a better place. We also want to see you togged up in super-hero gear.



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