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Create Change Color Challenge

With the roll-out of our new brand and logo for Create Change, we wanted to engage our community and explore their feelings on our new direction. On our social media platforms I posted, “Let’s have fun! It’s the #CreateChange color challenge. We outlined our logo so you can decorate it with color, patterns and poetry. Show us what Create Change feels like to you. Post your artistry and tag us, start today.” And the responses were thoughtful, gorgeous, funny, energetic, bright, moving and we loved them! I have rounded up our favorite ones and collected them in a Twitter Moment.


  1. Become a member of Create Change.
  2. Download the outlined Create Change logo template.
  3. Post your entry on Twitter (tag us @createchange_me) or Instagram (tag us @createchange.me). Hashtag #CreateChange.
  4. You can also submit it to us on our website. Select Submission Subject ‘Response to Social Media Post’.


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