Every campaign begins with a question. We seek to find the unseen, the overlooked, with a fresh perspective to find tangible solutions for matters closest to our collective and communal hearts.

Our campaigns at Create Change define our unique outlook to create positive change in the world around us. Our niche is found within our multi-faceted (and rather out of the box) mentality, starting with the end in mind.

Once we define the overall theme that we believe will garner the most interest, support, and interaction from our incredible Create Change community, we carefully craft our map, meticulously defining the roads less traveled as we set upon a one-of-a-kind journey to find where that X marks the spot. With this singular focus guiding the arrow set within our moral compass, we sow into our sails the authentic stories bravely shared with us by those willing to embark on a mass walkabout, fully supported, to help us continue forward to inspire hope and the understanding that everyone’s story matters and everyone’s footprint can change the course of history.

And then, the real journey begins. This is where we get to break it all down to a call to action with engaging and relatable questions, prompts, and clever challenges over the span of the campaign, to give our community the opportunity to tap into their individual creativity and raise the necessary awareness for our dearest charitable organization and initiatives.

That’s the beauty of it… where the magic happens and the outcome supersedes beyond what we at Create Change could ever imagine.

We are simply the fire starters… catalysts to set off a powerful chain reaction to inspire our community to unite as one and bring to life what we are decidedly most passionate about, no matter how big or small.

This is not about business… this is about changing lives, one person at a time.

Finding Our Way

Together In Pride

Embrace Your Weird

Wear Your Pride 2022

New Joy

Modern Family

Mind Over Matter

Wear Your Pride 2021

40 Days of Intentions

Level Up Campaign

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