On March 20th, when most of the world went on self-quarantine we sent an e-blast to our community to check on their well-being: “We understand that we’re now all challenged with adapting to the unique circumstances of this global situation. We want to hear from you and share your stories… #Here4You”


Physically Distant But Not Alone

To show solidarity during the lockdown, our global community started an Instagram chain to show how we are #Here4You. Many made videos and signs and spoke in their native language to say their name, location, and proclaimed, ‘I’m here for YOU!’

Here4You Instagram Community


Here4You Social

As part of our campaign, we asked our community to submit artwork, essays, and other creative works, expressing how they were dealing with physical distancing.  We posted selected submissions representing a good cross-section of the responses we received. As stated by our CEO, Nathan West: “Thanks to you, our Create Change community, we were able to get this simple message out across the globe reaching all six habitable continents, crossing countless borders and more importantly into the hearts and lives of those who needed to hear it most. Your honesty, thoughtful perspectives and relatability has inspired and encouraged so many more than you may ever know. Get inspired by checking out some of our Citizen Creator submissions.” You can review the #Here4You Selected Works here.

One entry by community member, Nancy, stood out. While the other wonderful submissions came from more personal perspectives, Nancy’s poem, titled ‘Weathering the Corona Storm.’, took a broader approach. The Create Change team felt this poem was so profoundly relatable that we asked our community to pick one line that especially resonated with them and tell us why as part of one of our weekly #TueDoList tasks.

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