Level Up Campaign

Level Up Campaign

This year has brought more than we could have imagined and it’s not even over yet.

The year 2020 has been… well… an unbelievable decade. I mean between unprecedented natural disasters, a ravaging global pandemic, an eye-opening trench in mental health awareness and acknowledgment, and an unhinged disintegration of any actual progress made towards racial and social justice… just devastating. What we’ve seen so far this year has been, for lack of better words, beyond comprehension. But if there’s any knowledge we can place in the history books (or webpages) left for our children, it’s that we, as humans, are an unabashedly resilient lot. To say that however, is in no way to discredit the losses we’ve faced or the magnitude of injustice that still prevails. For heaven’s sake, there’s more injury than bandages at times and we are talking about surgery that’s needed. But real, actual, tangible, visible, earth-shaking change has to be established at an individual level. This year has brought more than we could have imagined and it’s not even over yet. But that’s not to say it is an ominous thing. It’s actually an opportunity to utilize who we’ve become during this time we’ve been forced apart, how we’ve grown, what skills we’ve attained—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—and what tools we have in our bags to share with the ones we are fighting alongside. There’s much room to gain, infinite strategies to take, and desperately needed comradery to seek in order to move forward to a true, undeniable win. For humanity. 

The fate of the world is literally in our hands E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.
Let’s do this, Friends
It’s time to LEVEL UP.


Read our CCO Chyler Leigh’s latest article ‘LEVEL UP’ now available on Modern Icon.

Essay Submissions — New Format!

How are you preparing to get yourself hyped for 2021? What does Level Up! mean to you? How are you leveling up these days? Do you have a personal Level Up! story to share with us? We have an all-new format for Create Change written submissions. Our 5 paragraph essay submission form guides you step-by-step how to craft your written creativity. Use our new 5 paragraph essay submission form now!

Level Up Writing Submission


Art of Change — Artwork Call-for-Entries

Have you read our Character Pledge lately? Every new member agrees to our character pledge that defines our expectations for how we treat each other and ourselves. Our Character Pledge is comprised of five tenents that guide our culture: Authenticity, respect, accountability, fairness, and service. For each tenant, we list the expected values to achieve that tenant. For the Level Up campaign, we are asking you to submit artwork inspired by one of the values of the Character Pledge. The selected submissions will release with the launch of our Artwork Gallery so please format your artwork, photography, or illustration to fit exactly into a 1920px X 1080px (portrait orientation). Use the submission form here.

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3 years ago

All I have to say is wow! This is just so powerful!! I’m definitely going to submit something for this!!

Erika Hockova
3 years ago

I am impressed by this page – wow! That is strong message and character pledge – it is like when you speak from the bottom of my heart. Beautiful graphic. I agree with that 100%. That is a higher state of human being what we can and we are creating. I love that. Very well done! And Iam excited about works of others what I will find soon 🙂

susan k
3 years ago

To be honest, it’s taking everything I have just to get through each week. I can’t even get hyped for 2021 because it’s nearly the middle of October and nothing is different than it was the middle of March. I do love you trying to motivate and focus on positivity though. Gives me hope.

Tamara Anderson
3 years ago

We all know the meaning of level up. progress to the next level. So think about what in your life you’re going to level up. Mine level up would be to kind of start life on a more positive level. I have had so many bad times in my live it would get so bad I have had thoughts of suicide but kept saying it’ll get better and every year it seemed like I couldn’t catch a break. I have learned to just roll with the punches and take every hit like it eas my last but my life has more meaning and have to keep pushing and just hope that it will one day get better. You can only hope, pray snd work hard so that you life has meaning and find inspiration in things or people to help with the struggles in your life.

Erika Hockova
3 years ago

Hi Tamara, congratulations on your decision. That is very important to decide and what will follow you wrote very clearly. So you know what to do, perfect 🙂 You can apply this powerful tenets on your new way and in combination with hard work on something you really like or on something what you think is the right thing you will succeed. I am sure. Good luck 🙂

Brandy Hester
3 years ago

I’m so stoked for this campaign! It’s absolutely what I needed. It’s been a helluva year, no doubt! In the struggles though, there has been immense personal growth, and profound change in my life. I believe that every setback, is a set up, for a come back! Free time has been plentiful, and I’m not accustomed to that. I’ve always been “on the go” and everything else kind of took a backseat to that perpetual running about. So when the world quite literally stopped, I had to go inward, and what a ride that was! I realized that I was running from the “life” I created for myself. That was an epiphany I didn’t expect to have at 31, but it came in like a ton of bricks, let me tell you! My main goal since this revelation has been to build a life that I don’t need a vacation from. If something isn’t in alignment with my highest good, and the vision I’m manifesting for myself- it has to go! That’s how I’m riding the #levelup train! Can’t wait to see how you all are too! Big love and bright blessings! Health and happiness to all! Xx

Cindy Woodford
3 years ago

We’re so happy to see the early response to our Level Up campaign, both here on our website and on social media. We can’t wait to take this new journey with our Create Change community!

3 years ago

2020 has definitely been a struggle. Going back to work at a child care centre hasn’t been easy. It’s so hard to keep the children from playing and interacting with their friends which is why I encourage a lot of outdoor play in my program. I’m trying to look at the positives but sometimes feel likes it all negative. I’ve had a very rough starting to the first month of going back to work and have been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed with all of the tasks being thrown at me. My pacific childcare company has many centres across our region. with past experiences at alternative locations, I’ve had a lot of negative experiences which makes it hard. Those negative experiences have caused me to be a lot more sensitive in certain situations which is holding me back. I’ve actually thought about quitting several times but it always goes back to the kids and how much I love them. Also thinking about all the wonderful relationships I’ve made with some other colleagues and I realize that it’s not worth quitting. Being able to educate the future generation is very rewarding and I highly enjoy it. Seeing the smile on the kids faces everyday, especially lately, makes it easier to go to work everyday. That’s how I’m “levelling up”

Dorin Cohen
3 years ago

This year brought so many challenges and chaos that I lost counting of how many ,but it also brought a wake up call that I think was much needed.
although there is no guarantee that in 2021 the pandemic will be over ,but the least we can do is to take this rare opportunity we’ve been given and what we learned from 2020 and use it for a better world ,for us ,for the next generation and for humanity.

Susan Baloga
3 years ago

I came across some words on a post that I think might relate to this article. I cannot credit the author since I do not know who it is. Nevertheless, here are their words:

Every time we level up, we have to readjust our boundaries. What was once acceptable before no longer works. The people in our lives, our self care rituals, and the environments and situations we engage with must all adjust to meet our new vibrational frequency in order to be sustained.

3 years ago

The idea of “Level Up” is great. Thank you, Chyler Leigh.

Megan Nicole Hess
Megan Nicole Hess
2 years ago

I just realize about this program a week ago and this is amazing you guys are truly helping people and I am happy that they have a program I’ve been in therapy since I was 11 years old and there has been some trauma that is happened to me I was a child thank you for these programs and I’m glad that there are people out there that are helping. People like me and others out there

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