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  • I got inspired by a post I saw on social media…with the holidays fast approaching, how are you feeling?

    1. I’m feeling excited, it’s my favourite time of the year
    2. I’m feeling good, everything is done and I’m well organized
    3. I’m doing okay, I feel as though there’s still so much to do
    4. I’m not doing so good, the stress of the h…Read More

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    • I think I’m somewhere between 3 and 4. A lot of people are taking time off from my work over Christmas (both jobs), which means I am having to do extra and work every day between Christmas and New Year. It’s also the first Christmas without my mum, and although I’m still excited about the holidays and all the lights, a little part of me wishes she…Read More

  • With American Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday. I want to know what you’re thankful for today?

  • Sunday scaries turned into self care Sunday’s. What does self care mean to you?

  • How do you get yourself through a panic attack?

  • Here’s my take on the Worry jar activity Adrienne posted. I decided to write them down in my Grimoire so that I can keep adding to the list if new worries come. I wrote each one down as a way of letting each worry go.

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