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  • With American Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday. I want to know what you’re thankful for today?

  • Sunday scaries turned into self care Sunday’s. What does self care mean to you?

  • How do you get yourself through a panic attack?

  • Here’s my take on the Worry jar activity Adrienne posted. I decided to write them down in my Grimoire so that I can keep adding to the list if new worries come. I wrote each one down as a way of letting each worry go.

  • I came across this acronym a while back and I love it.
    Here’s what this acronym means to me:
    To FAIL is to not dwell on making a mistake but rather the process of learning from them.
    Explain what this acronym means to you. What is your biggest learning experience?

    • I agree. Each time we fail it teaches us something. It’s part of learning. Without failure there is no success. Sure, we have our moments when we get lucky but that won’t last. Things take time. You have to take the time to practice and study to get good at something. Through all that you will have times when you make mistakes. There’s nothi…Read More

    • This helps a lot. I am so use to failure that part of me just doesn’t care anymore and that I expect it. And anytime something good happens I’m just on edge waiting for that other shoe to drop. Sometimes it’s nice to have these kinds of affirmations and reminders that even though you may fail you have to keep going.

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