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  • Got a new piece. My sister and I had talked months ago about getting matching tattoos at the end of July. She would get a moon and I would get a howling wolf.

    That’s kind of changed though now that she can’t get one since she’s pregnant and everything.

    That’s okay. I let her chose the design. So even if she doesn’t get the tattoo later…Read More

  • This morning I grabbed the camera, & captured these raindrops on a rose after some thundery rain overnight.

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  • I don’t know what I was doing. I was just kind of messing around.

  • What I love about annotating is that it’s a mixture of everything: reading, journaling, and simply a form of creativity. If I could draw I most likely would, but writing in them is just as fun.

    Currently, I’m annotating my Twilight books.

  • So there are some of those national creative days this week.

    Wednesday is Poetry & Creative Mind Day and then come Friday it’s Creativity Day.

    We all know how many of us are creative around here. So do you guys have any upcoming projects you’re currently working on or will be doing?

    I really wish I could get back into my photography, but…Read More

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