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  • Okay, so, if you know me, I will have tried to have bully you into watching The OA even though it was cancelled on S2 on a cliffhanger. Brit and Zal (the creators) are incredible storytellers, and The OA holds a special place in my heart. I truly think it is one of the best, if not THE best, tv show out there… AND THEY HAVE RELEASED ANOTHER TV…Read More

  • So I’ve really got to talk about ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Now it makes so much more sense to me.

    I’ve always loved Sheldon. I know he comes off as a jerk and doesn’t understand people, but that’s what I could always seem to relate to. Yes he said several times that he wasn’t crazy and his mother had him tested and all of that, but it’s clear…Read More

  • Okay, several things here. 1.) I’m either showing my age or 2.) My inner child as a grown adult/my geekiness is showing.

    Ever since I saw the Netflix Power Rangers special ‘Once & Always’, it got me in a Power Rangers mood so I’ve started watching them again. I’m starting with the sixth season, ‘In Space’ and then I’m working my way…Read More

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