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Mental Health: Small Steps Make Big Differences

Two things I do for myself regularly keep rising to the forefront of my mind: being an active participant in the consistency of my routine on a day to day basis, and being proactive about taking control of the things for which I’m able. ... read more.
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Reimagine Your Impact

I tend to take a big picture view of things; I try to understand the interconnectivity of decisions, and how they affect me personally as well as those around me. But, and especially recently, I have been thinking about the ways that even the smallest of actions can have a positive effect on those around me. ... read more.
Taking A Walk

Refocusing On A Healthy Lifestyle

I encourage you to believe that you are capable of achieving your intentions, whether they are fitness related or not. Know that wherever you are in your current fitness journey is good enough to get started!... read more.
Sailboat on the Ocian

ReDiscovering My Intentions

I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, a job that keeps the lights on, and friends and family who support me. These things provide a strong foundation from which I can use my intentions to carry on through the challenges that life has been presenting.... read more.
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Introducing ‘Matthew’s Musings’

Hello everyone, my name is Matthew. I am incredibly excited to be a part of the Create Change community!  I feel honored to be a part of something bigger than myself - something with such a positive purpose.... read more.
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