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  • Two films I’ve seen over the last two days: Next Goal Wins and Crush.

    I thoroughly enjoyed both. Next Goal Wins is a simple, feel good, hilarious take on the American Samoa soccer team that historically lost 31-0 to Australia in the past. Directed by Taika Watiti, I knew exactly the kind of humour I was in for… I loved it. EVEN BETTER,…Read More

  • Today I saw Aquaman 2, and I know usually I talk about what I thought about the film (it was good, not a ‘wow’ film but definitely enjoyed), I just wanted to put here that I’m glad today happened. I went to watch with my brother and his girlfriend and we haven’t ever really gone to the cinema together, but we all really enjoyed it and spoke about…Read More

    • That sounds like a great way to spend the day! We tried to give activity gifts to each other this past Christmas and birthdays. Finding something you enjoy doing with a friend or relative and sharing time instead of a gift they may not use is lovely.

      • I love doing that – I try to do it with my dad each year and make a day my step siblings and niblings can come to as well as I always know that makes him happy! Memories are priceless.

  • Saltburn… not for the faint-hearted in many ways…
    A lot of the audience hated it, but if you’re open and don’t mind the twisted darkness, I’d recommend it. I personally really liked it even if it was a bit long. Lots of amazing cinematography that really showed more than just a simple frame, and a really interesting twist at the end.

  • I will never not know how lucky I am to have an independent cinema where I live and who I work for. We had 2 screenings this past weekend with Director Q&As, one for a Jack Cardiff (award-winning cinematographer who lived in my town for a few years) documentary, the other for a film called Typist Artist Pirate King. TAPK was, unfortunately, the…Read More

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