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  • Okay so I saw the movie ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ this past week. It’s 3 hrs., 26 min., but OMG what an incredible movie! I had been wanting to see it since I read the book and since I heard about the film over 3 years ago. It was worth the wait.

    The woman who played one of the main characters truly deserves an Oscar. I promise I will…Read More

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    • This is so interesting to hear, I’m glad you enjoyed it! We have it on 4 times where I work and I’m dreading the long shift, but also really interested to see who comes and watches and to hear what they think. I would definitely watch it, but right now I don’t think I have the focus for it… one day!

  • So… I watched the new Poirot film, A Haunting in Venice…

    1. Holy cow the jumpscares (they annoy me but holy cow)
    2. The young boy in the main cast was a highlight
    3. The final plot twist was epic

    Unfortunately, other than that… I was quite disappointed. I loved Murder on the Orient Express but was a bit let down by Death on the Nile,…Read More

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  • Managed to catch Blue Beetle a week or so ago, and it was epic. I definitely need to start looking into the comics!

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I kind of had a feeling it would be different to the DC films I’d seen already (not in a bad way, just different). I really liked the film, and although I wasn’t blown away by it, I did think…Read More

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    • That’s awesome, Riley! I’ve seen the movie twice and it’s certainly among one of my top favorites. I agree that it’s worth more hype. It just was not marketed properly and people haven’t really given it a chance. I have the comics, but haven’t had time to read them. I really want to though. This movie was a down to earth family film just…Read More

  • So I haven’t been able to visit the cinema that easily while I’ve been at camp, but we did in fact hire out an entire theatre in New Hampshire on our day off to watch the Barbie movie… and it was amazing.

    Sitting and watching that film in a room full of trans and non binary people was euphoric. Especially the ending. IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!…Read More

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