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We Are More Than Our Mental Health

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  • My anxiety was at an all time high last night as I prepared for my first ever health inspection as a supervisor—-these inspections are no joke—-but I learned a lot and passed!! Immediate relief

  • I posted this in the books topic, but I figured I’d post it here too. I recently published a book that deals with my personal experiences of mental health, mental illness, and self-harm.

    I did not intend to publish this. It kind of just happened.

  • Wow to think this whole time all I needed were a pair of specific earplugs!

    I always had hearing problems growing up. Sounds were just always too loud and amplified to the point where noises hurt my ears. From my research and even my therapist said as much, that this was something from my autism.

    I tried wearing general earplugs, but they…Read More

  • LOL some people online have said that they kind of figured I was autistic. I’ll share the post here:

    They said it was mainly by the way I word things. Wow, I did not realize that at all. To me I just came off sounding as myself, but apparently those things are autistic traits. Fascinating!

    I’m not taking offense to the comment. I just…Read More

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