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We Are More Than Our Mental Health

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  • I suffer from depression so obviously bad news is just going to worsen it. Today the Supreme Court got rid of the clean air act. Which is a huge step backward! Climate Change is a real issue. Pollution can increase your risk for cancer. It’s horrible. Now I’m not someone who believes in any doomsday clocks, that’s just all fake but there is a…Read More

  • I don’t know how you all feel about the whole Roe v. Wade being overturned issue. Thankfully we’re all here to discuss our views without judgment, criticism, or hostility.

    My mental health has now come into question.

    Last year I contemplated the idea of having a kid. Now though it’s a risk I’m not willing to take. What science there is…Read More

    • I’m not happy about it either. We should have the right to decide what we want to do with our bodies. Some people could die if they don’t get an abortion. It’s horrible. Like I understand people don’t want to kill babies but as far as I know it’s actually not a baby yet from what I read.

    • I wanted to be a mother someday but I also have this fear that I’m going to die during childbirth because I’m not that tall and my body is small , plus sometimes breathing issues so I honestly don’t think I can hold a baby in me tbh. So if I get pregnant I might have to make the hard decision of getting an abortion

    • If I do get a child , I’ll probably just adopt.

    • It angers me that in the 21st century there are still so many cracks. The overturning of Roe V Wade is heart breaking. It saddens me that women who may need an abortion due to their personal circumstances are no longer allowed to get one. The world should not be moving backwards, we should be moving forward to create the change the world really…Read More

    • Thanks for sharing @ronnie! And I have to share my anger too @adrienne1995 100% I feel this SCOTUS decision set us way way way back, and I wonder how this will role out. I’m hoping this was a wake-up call for us to go out and get out the vote.

      • Angelo, Adrienne, and All- Certainly sharing my same feelings as you all may have. It’s insane. My mom made an excellent point earlier. We all need to find ways of coping with this new reality and apparently I’ve found mine. I’ve mentioned how I was wrongly accused for nothing but a simple accident (hit a person with a shopping cart by…Read More

    • I hate the fact that guns have more rights than women. Like seriously a gun is an object, a man made item but apparently it has more rights than a human being. the whole thing just annoys me. I mean I’ll probably never have kids because of my mental health problems so I don’t need to worry about me and I guarantee I won’t accidentally get pregn…Read More

  • I’m not one to talk about food much, in fact, I hate it. If it were up to me we’d get our nutrition via photosynthesis.

    But since we can’t, they say that eating also has an impact on your mental health. That’s something I struggle with, especially because of my depression and bipolar disorder. I either eat way too much or not enough…Read More

  • I hope Everyone is doing amazing this month .

  • Just thought I would check in with everyone. How are you? Do anything fun recently?

    • Hey Sophie. Doing pretty well. The heat is driving me crazy. We’re getting temps over 100 degrees F. As far as fun things, the latest was that I saw Jurassic World: Dominion on Sunday (opening weekend). I was literally on the edge of my seat to the point I even had to remind myself to breathe. LOL! Hope you’re doing well.

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