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We Are More Than Our Mental Health

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  • I’m not doing well. I had a nice thanksgiving but that was also the day I found out my cardiology appointment got canceled. What the heck?! I really needed to go!! Now who knows when I’ll be able to get another appointment!! I was supposed to go on the 28th but now I guess not. I was so mad, still am but I’m doing alright I guess. I was hopin…Read More

    • Update: Ok so I read what it means to have a carotid artery that’s labeled with a 0 next to it. It means there’s no pulse and that i could have a blocked artery which is really bad, but the thing is he could’ve made a mistake because I can feel my carotid artery pulse. Maybe he just couldn’t hear it with his stethoscope. I would need an ultraso…Read More

  • Just checking in with you guys. With the holidays, they can be stressful and overwhelming.

    I spent my Thanksgiving with my family along with a cold and a 101.2 degree fever. So not cool.

    Mentally I’ve just felt drained because I’m still grieving but I know I’ll get through it.

    Anyways, hope you all are doing well.

  • There are no words right now. I just lost one of my legends. Jason David Frank who played the original Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has died.

    I don’t…I don’t know what to say or what to feel. It’s shocking, it’s unexpected, it’s everything.

    I grew up with the OG Rangers when I was 4. I remember at that age wanting to…Read More

  • Ugh, so nervous about Monday. I’m glad my psychiatrist was able to fit me in this week but I’m nervous about what he’ll say about my results. The receptionist said that’s what we’re going to go over, along with what it means and if I need new meds, a med change, or something else entirely.

    My mom wants to sit in so she can be informed on…Read More

  • Well, my mental health just took a new turn, and somewhat unexpected. Things were getting frustrating with some issues I’d been having recently to the point where I finally talked to some people in a bipolar group about it. A lot of people were quite helpful, but there was one in particular who gave me some good advice.

    They said what I was…Read More

    • I’ve been dealing with 11 symptoms of ADD for years. Not officially diagnosed yet but I’m going to talk to my doctor about it. ADD can get very annoying, if you ever need any advice, I can try to help

      • Thanks, Sadie. Well, my doctor got back to me and now he wants to have an appointment. Thankfully he had an opening for this coming Monday. So we’re going to go over my results, what it all means, and if I need to have my meds changed.

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