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  • Wahoo, I finally picked up Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel as well as Star Wars: Brotherhood. These books were released last year, but at the time I really didn’t want to get them in hardcover. As much as I wanted to get them I was always focused on my nonfiction. Recently when I saw them in paperback I just had to go back to the…Read More

  • I am so happy for my mom. She told me a few days ago that she really wanted to read the Prince Harry memoir, ‘Spare’. Originally I was going to lend her my copy, but then I thought of something better.

    I surprised her with the book for Mother’s Day. She practically freaked!

    I loved making her happy in that way.

  • In case anyone is interested, actor Tom Hanks recently published a book. It came out this week. The novel is called, “The Making of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece” (long title. LOL!). I’m not a fiction reader as some of you know, but the premise sounded pretty neat.

    It’s about a soldier who comes home and meets his five-year-old nephew…Read More

  • Figured this counts too.

    Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. Every year it’s something I look forward to. Not only is it a way to get free comics, but it’s also nice to support locally-owned comic book shops.

    My plan was to just go to one, but then I figured why not try a second? They were going to be it and I was satisfied. My mom then…Read More

  • I might’ve overdone it on my Friday mental health day. That was the joy of it though. I didn’t have to worry about time, deal with any stress, or general worries. I spent 2 hrs at the bookstore just walking around.

    This was my haul for the day. Go figure, they’re all nonfiction.

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