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  • Okay question for you all:

    What is your favorite book?

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    • We The Animals by Justin Torres… I saw the film first, then read the book which is a shorter version of the film and just… awesome. I need to re-read it and hopefully find more short books like it.

  • I have been loving my multicultural class. It’s given me an excuse to buy new books. The first assignment I had was to pick 5 books (any ones) and write summaries of them.

    Now I’m having to write lesson plans and I don’t have many books that I own that will fit within the themes and grade levels I need so I’ve had to buy more YA.

    I’m…Read More

  • Nonfiction November is right around the corner! Abookolive over on YT (she has an IG and TikTok also) announced the prompts for this year:


    I can’t wait to find books for these prompts. I’m having to get some new ones though since I don’t have many books in my collection that would work for them so that’s…Read More

  • OMG I have an awesome assignment for my multicultural class. I have to choose 5 children or YA books that are multicultural based and then write summaries for them.

    Naturally I had to go towards my Indigenous books. I already have 3 ready to go, plus a poetry book, and ordered two others. The cool thing is that as I looked at the lists…Read More

  • Picked up this collection of Jane Austen books yesterday. I just wanted P&P, but they didn’t have the copy by itself. Figured I might as well get this though which is fine, because I want to read the others at some point anyways.

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